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Obata Nohaka (Mal Dewata Teledrama Theme Song) - CentigradzNamaste my friends 🙂
This is a music video with my my brother and my wife cousin in Sri Lanka.
The beautiful boy with the  beautiful girls 😉
♥ Love ♥ Light ♥ Peace ♥ Namaste ♥ VJ Indigo ♥

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YOU CAN CHANGE - Anthony McKeon - McDonald's SongMusic by: Anthony McKeon.
Directed by: Jeremy Moses.
Produced by: Anthony McKeon.
Music Produced by: Nick Mainsbridge.
Camera Operators: Khufu Ra & Sheree Neumann.
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Smiler Gjennom Tårer - Hilde Elisabeth - Vj IndigoThis is a temporary recording. We’re going into the studio with a band and we will make music video. This will be used in the documentary here in Norway to combat bullying. But there will also be a music video that shows love between a boy and girl without bullying is an issue in the music video.
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Born To Be Wild - Get Back - Oslo, Norway - (Stephenwolf) (Vj Indigo)
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Marching against Monsanto Oslo Norway May 25th 2013 nyThis was an event that took on new dimension.

We started with great appeals with a perfect finish with “Monsanto” (GMO Mafioso) with Knut Erik Tørnæs.

Then we had to practice on match-word “No to Poison in the garden , No to Poison in the Stomach”

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❤You are Powerful Creators who have come here with great reason.
You are so much more than you see here in these physical bodies.

When you allow yourself to relax a little from where you are
and turn and go with the flow, you are going to discover,
in your first day, of making the decision about that,
the power of this stream.

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I have notes of the soul mood of the strings on the guitar,
That the music flowed in silence, not crying, my heart hurting …
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Shared by: Mahendra B Jain