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Marching against Monsanto Oslo Norway May 25th 2013 nyThis was an event that took on new dimension.

We started with great appeals with a perfect finish with “Monsanto” (GMO Mafioso) with Knut Erik Tørnæs.

Then we had to practice on match-word “No to Poison in the garden , No to Poison in the Stomach”

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Global Anonymous Love Letter delivery
Anywhere you are, you can write and spread some love


Watch all the videos to understand this global movement and join 1000s of people doing the same…………..

CALL OUT TO YOU – Lets unite & spread the videos and start writing your letters and sharing your experiences to the world for the whole of 2012 and beyond……..


Write on the Anonymous letters — addressed “For You” and signed “I Love You”


Record videos and upload / share them to the world and then send us the videos, and add video responses to the videos on our youtube channel
“Language of love TV”

Upload your pictures (name what country) and stories on the Global love letters facebook page to be part of all the great unconditional sharing/giving taking place right now. Its beyond words.

Leave your comments on this website if you have taken part in anyway share your experience on the testimonial page so others feel the resonance of this simple action.

LET’S SPREAD this UNCONDITIONAL LOVE across the globe.

This is an experiential movement, in theory it sounds great, but it requires simple actions to make it happen. Its 2012 and large numbers of people are saying love will unite us and shift our awareness into unity consciousness on this planet………so let’s all come together with a common goal to spread love.

The healing transformational power of love is beyond words. Let’s do this…

Deliver your anonymous love letters on the streets, it really feels good.

All you have to do is pay it forward and write an anonymous love letter and drop it wherever you go….

Simplicity is divinity
The Love Bugs
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 I feel that is time for you all followers to learn more about me and the reason behind my work, blog and my burning passion for changing these word to be a new and better place for our children to grow up in peace and harmony with each others.

Please read my comment below my video 🙂


HER ER VIDEO TEKSTEN PÅ NORSK Vennligst følg linken:

Namaste my angels and friends :-)))
Thank you for your saw this video and take the time to read this important information. Please share this video diligently so that we can get a proper debate around the world. That is also giving the inspiration to create more video focused on our teamwork for our future children. More people will join that way and we will also reach people that can finance our plans.
Now I’m done with my investigation about what I called ADHD puzzle. I was diagnosed, even in 2004 and thought the whole presentation around it looked very imprecise and worked as a bluff to me. I started then to dig a little more of this and came in contact with the ADHD association. Marked fast that the mood of my thoughts and visions about this was not well received.

I started my side ADHD group Vidar in November 2009 to start looking for the truth. I planned also to share this material I found around this with my friends on the side that eventually became both loved and hated by many. There were many that gave me clues on the one way or another. I have many times said that the people do not know who I am and the reason for this was that I even did not know it at this at this time myself!

I have made several attempts through the page to get someone to listen to what I have to say and this is actually something I’ve given up in Norway. It turns out that the problem is also in all EU and NATO country which was why I found it the full truth of what is happening. When I found out who I was and why I was so different then I found while many like-minded Indigo around the world. Found out quickly that these, I had much more in common with and have gained many who follow my work and are ready for action when the planning of this are ready in short time now, just need to raise some capital to get the wheels running. We are at the start line but short for petrol because of my still struggling life!!

Already have some in the U.S. that will start Found Raising in connection with my plans forward. I’ve actually given up Norway a while but after several of the Norwegian angels who want a difference for their children and grandchildren get me to do a multiply to wake up dormant Norwegian population in this area. I blame no one for the situation we are above, but can say one thing, WE ARE ALL been duped!

I know there are more conspiracies here in the Norwegian and certain other Facebook pages in Scandinavia, this is a statement to you. It is time to look yourself in the mirror to see if it really is true what you do. It is only their children who ultimately are punished when you are not willing to follow moral rules rather than to win their cake and there are a lot of here. There is much that you all think that I’m willing to share with you around the world.

Thank you for your attention and please be kind enough to comment on the video to create life around our work. This will get others to join a community, no comment as the first impression, NOT HOST USING THE TIME!
Join my pages for information on our main page: Crystal and Indigo Children! We must Unite for world peace
My personal page is now more reserved for those who are helping to create something around our work as a team and respecting each other’s opinions on this area when we all have different visions and experiences. We complement each other so that together we are one with lots of strength and overall knowledge and plans for changes that need to be able to change today’s very urgent and critical situation.

Thank you for your attention on behalf of the world’s children’s future, they deserve better :-))))
♥ Love, Light & Peace. Namaste, Vidar ♥

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Just Love this Beautiful Song …I hope You Guys would like my Efforts…Thanks…Miss You Mom n God Bless You All…

I had a dream last night (18-08-2012), rather, it started as a nightmare and ended with a future solution which I think was a happy ending and beginning. This was an Awareness, more people had this?

I was near the top of a mountain with humans who did not know. It was a friend of mine who had taken me there. This was very scary because it was unknown to me and why I was right there. Everything seemed like a mess and there were several angry people there, I do not like this situation.

These were people who many would call for criminals, but how did they become so. I have learned that all people are equal, it is the way of life which has made ​​it to who they are. There are many who have had a very wrong starting point, or is it fate?
Having learned and heard many people say that we must all learn to forgive. We are entering a new era where everyone has the opportunity to use their experience to create a better, fairer world for all and our children’s future.

I was left in a room when everyone went away. They should get someone who was my friend for a long time, but he fooled me for a lot of money. Now would they have hold of him because he had apparently fooled many others and these so-called criminals who stayed at this place I now found myself. They had given him many chances in the same way as many others, but he would never learn no matter how many people gave him a chance with an outstretched hand. Now they would find him and kill him as I knew, but hoped for the best because I had learned to forgive. Thought I wrong? How many times one should forgive? Anyway, I did not like the situation and I hate violence, I myself am a peace mediator.

Had sat alone in this room and the time felt like an eternity. Was very afraid for the outcome of the search for my old friend. Finally they came back and I looked out the window. There was my friend in the truck on an American pick up, he looked lifeless. I became afraid for my own reactions and their reaction when they realized that I was scared and miss liked this tragic outcome of the search for my old friend. They looked angry and scared and they were full discussion on the way to the room where I sat. I removed myself from the window quickly because I was afraid they were going to see me.

My friend who had brought me up here in the mountains and several of the others came into the room, one of them had a powerful revolver in his hand. I sat on the couch and hoped for the best. My friend told me that they had unfortunately killed this old friend of mine. I quickly got scared and explained that I would not have anything to do with this and would not tell anyone else, not to the police or other authorities. I added that I unfortunately had no confidence in them or the legal system in our country. I hoped for the best and that they would not hurt me. They told me that they quickly realized that I was just a nice young man who had a big heart and they would not do anything to me. I was very relieved when the men with his revolver let it back in the holster.

My friend who had taken me to this place told me then why he had brought me here. He had told these criminals much about me and my thoughts on today’s corrupted society for many suffering and wonderful future solutions. I quickly became a happy young man again, someone had taken the time to talk with my friends about me and my thoughts. I realized then that my thoughts that you have to learn to forgive was correct, although my old friend had been killed. Should I forgive this too?

My friend, the others and I went out because they had something to show me.
There were multiple semi-trailers parked outside on the large square outside. They were full of luxury boats. I was then up into the plane of one hanger and joined into a boat. It was very nice decorated bedrooms and a wonderful kitchen. It was a nice space outside with a sofa and some wonderful and konfertable chairs. How they had acquired these boats and taken them up the mountain, I would rather not know, but had my thoughts. There were also several caravans parked on the square. How would they use it?

Next I remember from the dream was that there were many people up in the mountains where I obviously had stayed a while. They brought lots of suitcases, kids etc. Had they come here on holiday? No they had come there to stay.
My buddy came to me that there was not more governments and they had all gone on the run from horrific conditions.

They moved into the boats and caravans which were very well camouflaged in nature. This was a wonderful place where everyone could live in harmony with nature and each other. Everyone was happy the way you tend to be when you have gone on vacation. This was the start of a minis society where everyone lives together with love for each other. It was like in what they call paradise 🙂

I have talked to many around the world that this day would come where everyone had such thoughts as you and mag have the opportunity to start again. This a society we have rules and laws are human. We grow our own food, etc. I’m going to make a post in the blog later about this. Do you have thoughts and opinions about this story and mini society so do I and many others greatly appreciate this.
♥ Love ♥ Light ♥ Peace ♥ Sincerely Vidar ♥

Music 1: Shame
Direct translation is “Die young”. From a Taiwan TV Drama 2003 “Ghost Story” – Eternal Love: A Chinese Ghost Story. It’s about a tragic romance between a beautiful ghost and a young scholar.
Music 2: Dream Catcher – Bandari