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This one sings the most beautiful love songs.
This one lost his voice; but he writes them.
This one weeps while he recites.
This one can’t speak a word,
so he just weeps.
The sky seems to be listening,
some stars sparkle quicker than others;
I don’t close my eyes. I just watch
The wonder of the sound of voices.
Silent voices, in the dark,
whispering countless names.
I breath in, breath out,
with a name forever in my tongue,
my lips,
my throat.
I breath Your name,
exhale Your name,
in, out,
and the effect it has on my dreams
reminds me of those songs I hear,
the weeping that conforts the heart,
and the silent voices in the dark.
I don’t get tired of saying it.
I only get surprised.
Because once more letters, numbers, sounds,
dance a perfect dance,
saying, like a secret,
that life is death, that death is life,
that mixture is balance,
that Love comes through untouchable matter.
The one who sings has retreated himself.
And the one who weeps is tired.
The one who whispers is confused now.
As for me,
I am asleep.
And your name is my breath.

Author: Sajjaad Hussian Peerbhai

Close your eyes … you can hear the surf, too?
We threw the sea
the whole world at the feet of …
I tell you, … you know … we’re like ….
In an effort to
perfect beach ….

You’re around … I for more, do not dream …
Close your eyes … I
tell you about us …
And you feel, I just know it …
All that
hidden from ordinary eyes …

In the eyes – the dream … away, only infinity …
see the horizon … but it is not the limit …
Behind it all is that people call
And drive in search of her, … human destiny …

A whisper of the sea …
as someone snatches of phrases …
Awaken in us with you imagination …
And the echo sound
More than once …
As if our thoughts continue …

Closing his eyes,
feel, perhaps …
The tears of happiness … my cheeks …
And you say
quiet … you know, we’re like …
In the quest for perfect beach …

7. Show Your Power as God Itself
A will of God is a will of you. You are being existent here, taking charge of the future of Earth. If I, the consciousness of the grand universe, macrocosm, were you, what would you think, what would you wish for? I would like you to consider it always in parallel. Then, you could understand what you have to do now.
As children of God, no, as part of God itself, burn your life.
Be aware of it.
And, open the power of your spirit, and use up the principle of creation.
And, use your creativity by the will of love, with a strong idea to change the future of Earth to a bright planet of love.
Otherwise, the future vision of Earth cannot be overridden.
Keep this in your mind deeply.

illustration; KAGAYA

Shared by: Kiichirou Yamahira

raise one’s vibration by thinking thoughts that make one feel good 🙂

… transcendent music for healing, relaxation and joy

The fairies want to help us this week to prepare for our soulmate relationship and how to have more joy in life.

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Lord, thank you very much for this day. Thank you because I know you’re by my side and I can see you at all. Thank you for your unconditional love. I Love You!

Señor, muchas gracias por este día. Gracias porque sé que estás a mi lado y puedo verte en todo. Gracias por tu amor incondicional. Te Amo!

Shared by: Jeanlight Osilia Mensajes de Luz

Extraordinary conclave gift from Mother Akasha
dont miss out this amazing opportunity !
love and blessings ♥♥♥

Mother Akasha:

“There is another Path to embrace after your Awakening, and one that if you choose, can lift and raise you up and out of the limitation of human strife, raising you into the highest vibration of Light & Love, a path of Higher Consciousness is called “The Path of Becoming your True Self” on Earth, also known as “The Path of Resurrection”. As you embrace this path, a great raising & expanding activity unfolds within your mind and your feelings, your consciousness, and ultimately your physical garments. You are awake, your Life calls upon you to rise now & become on Earth your True Glorious Self ‘I AM’ individualized of Mother/Father God.

It is a path in which there begins to be experienced by you the second birth, lightning flashes of sudden Light within your mind, great outpourings of Love within your being, all that prepares you in the centre of your consciousness to enter into The Secret Heart of your God Nature, and to pass through ‘The Door of Everything’ where you will drink of the Waters of Life, the greatest Love of all, The Mother’s Love, the Love of the Heavenly Mother that individualizes as your Soul. When that Love begins to express through you it will reveal its Presence and it will nurture and fulfill all that your mind dares to conceive. Your Soul is the Sacred Womb of The Divine Mother of our Universe, Individualized, just as the Christ is the Individualized Mind of The Father.”

~The Radiant Rose Academy offer Weekly & Monthly Discourses given by the Ascended Masters , spirituals tools to achieve the Resurrection and face the Greatest Love of ALL , the SOUL , the Divine Mother’s Presence that abides within our hearts , The Door to Everything .Once we achieve our Resurrection will assist humanity and the Earth in bringing for the 7th Golden Age .The Ascended Masters are also revealing very important updates regarding the Divine Plan and the Great Shifting of Mother Earth from now until December 21 , 2012 & 2013:

Shared by: Mihai Escape

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