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541476_10151361482282172_1359349234_nWe now invite humanity to join us in the co-creation of The New Earth, when The Golden Pyramid Activation unfolds through The Sacred Bosnian Pyramids and your sacred heart.

These pyramids are shown to be like a cosmic heart at earth, holding the potential to re-activate all the pyramids of the earth into one heart-frequency, in oneness with the inner heart of mother earth. This will happen through the heart-intention of humanity.

Likewise, as human beings we enter our cosmic heart-vibration when opening our heart in this frequency – becoming activators of this source-vibration heart-to-heart!

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This is very exiting because this is in my own neighborhood. VJ Indigo 🙂

I am being called St. Antonius, as well as the Sun Consciousness or Divine Spirit of the Sun. I am the Divine Spirit dwelling in the Sun, which is continuously sending you the light and heat.
You might think the Sun is an enormous ball of burning gas. But it is not true. Although the Sun differs from the earth, it is a solid star. A star shining by itself like me is called a stellar star, and there are many planets rotating around me. In this chapter, I want to talk about the story since those planets were born, especially the Earth, which you live on.

Before that, let me shortly talk about the entire universe.
How do you view the universe?

The universe was born at the moment of big bang far long ago, and still it has been expanding to infinite vastness. You might wonder what is going on beyond the universe. Or you might wonder what it was like before it was born.

The truth is the universe is a body of God Aum. It is similar to the relation between the body and spirit of human, because the human body is made resembling the universe.
There is an order. First, there was the will of God Aum, ”Be a universe!” Then the will became the power of creation, and the universe was created. There might be various idea about God. But, Aum is the fundamental God, the creator who created everything including the universe itself. Therefore, our universe is called Aum universe and it was made according to His will. It may be too big to comprehend for you; the Aum universe has a similar figure exactly like a human body. There are more universes other than the Aum universe. They also have figures like a giant human. In each universe, there are specific rules.

All of us are an existence made by the will of God Aum.
That applies to a stellar consciousness like me and to human being like you.
In this sense, both you and I are same children of the God Aum.

“Project Eden The Origin of Earth“ by Amarie, “Chapter Two : Earth – The Prince of the Galaxy“

Author: Kiichirou Yamahira

A small tribute to the Hubble Space Telescope (

Main characters:

The Solar System
Orion Nebula
Veil Nebula
Large Magellanic Cloud
Antennae Galaxies
“Mystic Mountain” in the Carina Nebula
Crab Nebula

Music by David Schombert (

There are two dangers presented in this video: 1) The Electromagnetic Event; and 2) The Mega Solar Flare & CME – Music: Instrumental “Soul Survivor” by Akon & Young Jeezy

Emotional & behavioral suppression technology, Silent Sound Spread Spectrum technology, and weather modification are dangerous, unethical, a secret in their truest form, and don’t have a damn thing to do with HAARP — This is what you should know:
1) Things not caused by HAARP: Long Solar Minimum, Jupiter/Saturn Storms, Saturn/Venus Rotation Anomalies, New Radio Emission from Jupiter, Uranus Auroras, the ENA ribbon, and most importunely, earth’s shifting N pole and fading Magnetic Shield. [There is a natural event taking place]
2) Weather Modification that is not HAARP: Radar Rings are different [local VLFs can do it without any help from HAARP], see video called ‘Standing Wave Tank” to see how LF work better on water vapor than HF. Some rings are man made with VLF, others are a natural effect of the EM event; I believe we are trying to stop it.
3) Potential Danger of HAARP: Over-ionization of certain layers or regions, Creating Ozone holes, Increasing our Solar Vulnerability.
4) ****HAARP and the Russian/Norwegian Devices are directly under the auroral electrojet, which is the thing that would kill our grids in a solar storm. The devices are ionospheric heaters capable of expanding the electrojet and scattering the energy.

What can I say, there is no star coming in here. That would kill us, and wouldn’t have left any planets here if it had come before. The term ‘dark star’ is a misnomer, it’s not so dark you wouldn’t see it. There IS a possibility that we could see a crossing ‘planet’, but not a star. Here are those possibilities, google will help fill in the blanks.
1) Hypothetical Planet Vulcan [not star trek] happens to be real and comes out from behind the sun.
2) Rogue Planet enters our system. [they outnumber stars in our galaxy]
3) Planetary ‘Birthing’ process where a baby planet comes out of the Sun, Saturn, or Jupiter.
4) A Return to the World described in ‘Symbols of an Alien Sky’
[All but #2 could be lumped in together as caused by an electromagnetic event; I worry this is what is happening now– Sitchen made many documented errors, and it was the Maya, not the Sumerians, who spoke of 2012]

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Can’t b arsed to read all the comments so can someone tell me what ‘chemtrail’ is please?

There are some airplanes releases aerosols that are designed to reflect solar energy and aid in weather modification. The weather needs to be modified because of the topic of this video. Many people think it is a conspiracy to kill everyone so the elites can have this planet unspoiled to themselves.

“And you are willing to prepare…” Forgive my ignorance. How do we prepare?

food, water, seeds, etc.

with the threat of solar max on the way,people will be thanking them for chemtrails, but you are only fooling youself and all who listen to your awesome reporting if you do not think they are toxic. aluminum,barrium and a long list of other wonderful things mixed in. why do you think alzheimers is getting worse, asthma on the rise. Oh yeah they have been spraying since the 1980s and now are full scale. search Project cloverleaf. more info next post. thanks 2 min. news guy. GOOD JOB, GOOD INFO

So what should we do? Nothing? I have said many times it exacerbates lung conditions and we all know that aluminum is bad. But we have to be alive first. Elites spraying themselves too. They can get some private food but not all the time, and they breathe the same air. I have NEVER said they were good for your health… my gripe is with people saying they are trying to kill us all with chemtrails on purpose.


Electric Universe: google the Thunderbolts Project……

Seven Radial Plasmas 2.8.5 (VIDEO)

Cosmic History Chronicles Vol. 2, Book of the Avatar by José Argüelles and Stephanie South

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“When I learn to change from the inside out, I no longer need to scream and shout, At other people to get my way, I just tip my hat and say ‘G’day!” This is a good mantra to remember this week as it may be very tempting to say things you will regret later. A good week to look before you leap, take a chill pill, and don’t go off half cocked. The tensions run high bringing in a lot of new insight so take it all in, breathe, and “SEE” the world in a whole new way. Aloha…….PS. And don’t let the electronic disasters get to you…..

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This is some of my favorite footage of u.f.o’s, I believe some are the result of Project Bluebeam. See channel for more amazing footage.

Motorcycle – as the rush comes
vicious traditions 🙂

hello and good day!
this video is number 2 in the series and explains the TRI D TV from a 5th dimensional perspective.
it’s uses , how it works, what it is and why it is.
with your host QWAY-A-BELA-GAY-OH “8th Dimensional being”
so set back and enjoy,.. grab some popcorn and buckle up buttercup it’s going to be a fun fun ride.