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“As I seek my greatest health and wealth, I must dig down deep within myself, Wherein lies the root of all dysfunction, Which when owned, felt, understood and digested, Becomes the medicine for which I have quested.” This week, after the electrical firestorms of last week will feel quite calm, perhaps blue. It’s a weekend for inward traveling, perhaps to unravel the complexities revealed recently. Find a nice cozy place and perhaps a nice cozy partner to relax, feel, and renew. Aloha……

The fairies want to help us this week to prepare for our soulmate relationship and how to have more joy in life.

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Welcome to the start of a brand-new week, which begins with an emphasis on Healing, specifically of our heart and emotions. The mind also shows up to play its polar-opposite role, but the cards indicate it can be calmed and healed along with our feelings today as well. Strive to reach a state of conscious balance and emotional awareness, so that you rise above the hurts you may feel to ride the current of positive present and future growth (i.e. healing). Have a great start to your week everyone! 😀

This is a channeled message from the Spiritual Hierarchy given through a divination card reading, done in the spirit of world-service to humanity.

It is given through Henry David Stites, also known as “The Starseed Psychic”.

“When I learn to change from the inside out, I no longer need to scream and shout, At other people to get my way, I just tip my hat and say ‘G’day!” This is a good mantra to remember this week as it may be very tempting to say things you will regret later. A good week to look before you leap, take a chill pill, and don’t go off half cocked. The tensions run high bringing in a lot of new insight so take it all in, breathe, and “SEE” the world in a whole new way. Aloha…….PS. And don’t let the electronic disasters get to you…..

Shared by Goga Vujcin Pavlicic