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An excerpt from the feature documentary by Louie Schwartzberg following notable mycologist, Paul Stamets, as he discusses the important role mushrooms play in the survival and health of the earth and human species.


Volcanoes of the ring of fire gave birth to the islands of Indonesia. They gave fertile soil and enabled civilisations but in their inside they are hiding a permanent danger.

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“Thane, Sep 1 (PTI) Reports of mysterious underground sounds in Jawhar taluka of the district have promoted the local administration to take help from geological experts to unravel reasons behind the phenomenon. Residents of Kadidond village in the tribal-dominated taluka have complained about hearing such sounds several times since August 25, sources in district headquarters said today.

Following this, the local tehsildar, accompanied with other officials, visited the village for an on the spot assessment and to instill confidence among the anxious villagers. Tehsildar Urmila Patil said she visited the village after getting complaints about underground booms. Patil said she immediately got in touch with Met Department in Mumbai and told them about the mysterious sounds. There’s only a couple of obscure articles and one strange-ass news clip about this thus far.

However, the Department officials maintained that no tremor-related activity had been recorded from the village or anywhere in the taluka, she said. The administration has now requested geological experts to visit the village and give their opinion about the unexplained occurrence, Patil said.”…
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The beginning bit about the world still being here was in reference to this hyped-up D00msday non-event:

nformation courtesy of NASA, NOAA, the US Library, the Goddard Space Flight Center, the Jet Propulsion Lab, the Environmental Visualization Laboratory, the NASA Earth Observatory, SDO, SOHO, Stereo, ISWA, SSEC, HAARP, and SolarIMG – Your information, images, and videos were essential to this video.

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Mars Water:
Enceladus Water:
Io Water:

Water in Pre-Planetary Nebulae:…
Water at Solar System Birth:
Stars Born of Icy Gas and Dust:
Water in Star Ring:
Star Gas Jets:
Black Hole Gas Jets: and
Star Shooting Water Bullets:…
Water around Carbon Star:
Water IN Brown Dwarfs:
Water in Late Type Stars:
Water around Dying Star:

Hot Flow Anomaly:
Magnetic Reconnection:
More Quakes:
Summer Ozone Holes over the US:…
Pilot Mistakes Venus for Airplane:…
Heavy Elements in CMEs:
CMEs cause Earth Ejections:
Longwave Radiation Flow:

NOAA Environmental Visualization Lab:
Thunderstorms = Ozone Holes & UV Radiation:
US Floods:
US Drought: You need no link.
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US Record Wildfires 2011:
2011 Weather:…
2011 Texas Fire Record:…
2011/12 Bad Winter:
2011/12 Winter– Europe Deaths:… Europe Cold:…
Warm US Winter:…
Atmospheric Ions:…

Noctilucent Clouds: ; ; ;


For the first time in history the Traditional Hopi Elders from the Village to Shungopavi (the Mother Village) are stepping forward to speak to the public. They have a warning for the world. They say they have been told this time would come when the water would be taken from them. If this happens it will have an effect on the whole world as they are the microcosm of the world, of the universe.

Now is the time that the True Hopi have been waiting for. It is in this lifetime they see the unfolding of Prophecies of their Ancestors and have been given instructions to not allow these things to happen. This is why they are speaking to us, to warn us, that if the water is taken from Hopi it will have a devastating effect on the planet.

Join with the True Traditional Hopi in stopping the further destruction of the waters around the world.

Support stopping SB2109 and support the fresh waters in your area and together with a world community we can and we will save the future waterways for generations to come.

Kwa Kwah / Asquali
(Thank you)

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Shungopavi Hopi website: