Marching against Monsanto Oslo Norway May 25th 2013 nyThis was an event that took on new dimension.

We started with great appeals with a perfect finish with “Monsanto” (GMO Mafioso) with Knut Erik Tørnæs.

Then we had to practice on match-word “No to Poison in the garden , No to Poison in the Stomach”

So we were ready for the march as never before. It toned up with drums and a tremendous atmosphere that really was taking to feel. Finished with lots of drum solos and dancing of beautiful people full of love, not hate. Looking forward to such a development in the future

It is not common to see demonstrations of the kind that we saw and experienced, one must almost be there to feel it yourself.

Have tried to recreate the atmosphere in the best possible way for you who participated and for all who want to experience a video filled with rhythm and mood non stop. Hope you share this on to your friends, etc.

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