YOU CAN CHANGE - Anthony McKeon - McDonald's SongMusic by: Anthony McKeon.
Directed by: Jeremy Moses.
Produced by: Anthony McKeon.
Music Produced by: Nick Mainsbridge.
Camera Operators: Khufu Ra & Sheree Neumann.
Edited by: Gawain McGrath.

The tears of a clown, McDonald frowns
He wants to save face but he’s full of disgrace
He knows too well that his smile is fake,
He sees that child well overweight

Chorus: you can change, you can change

The golden arches just like breast
Louis Chechin declared
They scorched the ground with pesticides
They’re now bleeding the earth,
Oh McDonald, he had a farm
He short-changed my mother
Now i have a dream, Jamie Oliver go in
And make McDonalds organic and green

Chorus: you can change, you can change

Bridge: good food will make you all your money, give Jamie Oliver a go (x2)

Now they’re telling everybody that they’re changing their ways,
By giving us tokens, it’s a slap on the face,
What we need is a polar shift, food for nutrition that make people think,
You pride yourself on customer care,
You manipulate the youth, hold on that’s not fair,
If you change with the times, your well wont run dry
Give that clown a reason to smile.
Now there’s corporate responsibility,
Some people say they don’t want you to change,
Now that’s OK, but we must demand, at least our food is fit for human consumption

Got to change your way,
Give our children a chance.