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Gayatri - Giita Rani - Live OsloFrom a consert by Giita Ranii in Oslo 2013
Music and lyric by GIITA RANII
Musician in the concert JT Giitam Backingvocal and guitar
Vasudeva L Tandero backing vocal
Video produced by Vidar Tancred Paulsrud – Tancred Productions – (Vj Indigo)
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541476_10151361482282172_1359349234_nWe now invite humanity to join us in the co-creation of The New Earth, when The Golden Pyramid Activation unfolds through The Sacred Bosnian Pyramids and your sacred heart.

These pyramids are shown to be like a cosmic heart at earth, holding the potential to re-activate all the pyramids of the earth into one heart-frequency, in oneness with the inner heart of mother earth. This will happen through the heart-intention of humanity.

Likewise, as human beings we enter our cosmic heart-vibration when opening our heart in this frequency – becoming activators of this source-vibration heart-to-heart!

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Varanasi, India

“BEYOND” is an exclusive documentary featuring photographer Joey L. Set in Varanasi, India. The documentary by filmmaker Cale Glendening follows Joey and his assistant Ryan as they complete their latest photo series- “Holy Men.”

Almost every major religion breeds ascetics; wandering monks who have renounced all earthly possessions, dedicating their lives to the pursuit of spiritual liberation.Their reality is dictated only by the mind, not material objects. Even death is not a fearsome concept, but a passing from the world of illusion.

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