Nithyananda Venky

When we are told that we can be reborn as animals or even insects. That is pretty tough to understand, is it not?

Yes, it does get more complicated.

We can so easily accept the concept of evolution which states that human beings evolved from single cell beings. However, even for those of us who can accept reincarnation it is very difficult to accept that human beings can also devolve into what we consider ‘lower’ forms. It is a threat to our identity. We think, ‘How can I turn into fly or a fish or whatever?’

What the spirit chooses in the future body depends upon the mental setup or tendencies of that person during the previous incarnation. It all depends on what kind of a life one led and with what unfulfilled desires one let the body. I say jokingly to people sometimes that if they are over-fond of sleeping they may be reborn as a buffalo and if they are gluttons they make take birth a pigs! There is an element of truth in this.Do not imagine that human beings are so unique. They are unique to the extent that they are the only species that can think, and have the consciousness that they can elevate them beyond this body-mind. Animals need to pass through the human body to be liberated. However, we have the same energy as animals, just in a different form. The highest energy center of as animal is our base energy as animals, just in a different form. The highest energy center of an animal is our base energy center or muladhara chakra. When the spirit of an animal evolves into a human, the higher chakras are developed. If a person lives throughout his life in the muladhara chakra, in lust and greed, there is every possibility that the person can be reborn as an animal. The spirit will move towards the lower energy centers at the time of death.What is more difficult to grasp is how an animal moves up to become a human. Even though they lack the consciousness of a human to be liberated, animals can reach the highest levels of their own existence and can move up in the next birth. That is how evolution works.

People ask: A few centuries ago there was only a fraction of the current world population. Even if you add the animal population there would not have been six billion spirits. So, how did the population grow to six billion and how does it continue to grow? If new lives are based on rebirth where did all these new bodies come from?

Relax. All living beings are energy. Moreover this universe extends far beyond planet Earth. The entire space is energy. So there is enough energy to populate many planets, not only to overpopulate this Earth!

Mahavatar Paramahamsa Nithyananda.