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The Most Inspiring, Uplifting & Motivating Movie on leading a Life of Abundance and Bliss. Everything you need to know about Life in a nutshell to help you achieve Lasting Joy, Peace, Success and Happiness through the latest discoveries in Science. Your personal guide to “HEAVEN” on Earth.

It’s the Most Comprehensive study about Human Body, Mind and Consciousness ever that will help you to embrace Life in its Fullness and unleash your Unlimited Potential.

William James had said “The greatest discovery of our generation is that human beings can alter their lives by altering their attitudes of mind.” This movie presents Astounding Scientific facts that alter our very perception and attitude towards life and our world giving it a whole new meaning.

A movie that you will love to watch again and again and show it to all your near and dear ones and make a difference in their lives. Happy watching.

Trace your way, feel satisfaction in knowing that the end of the rainbow you have searched can be found in the big toe on his mocassin, after realizing who we are and what we do. “

Chief John “Eagle Spirit”
Campbell Cherokee Elders Council, Houston, TX

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By Pearl Shanti

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t is important to allow others to walk their own path because it is just that, their own path.

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Earth is now dying
from the energy of evil thoughts
accumulated by humans up till now.
To change this situation,
first, each of us must go back to
the original figures of
the children of God.
We must stop polluting Earth
by evil thoughts.
We must also stop polluting Earth physically
and destroying the nature.
With our will of love and gratitude to Earth,
let us take the action and practice it
for the rebirth of Earth.

Author: Kiichirou Yamahira