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Mooji reads from the Ribhu Gita. This beautiful music was written especially for Mooji; it was composed, played, and mixed with Mooji’s voice by Ariel (http://www.Arielon.com). Background images were added here, and a video was born. Thank you Ariel. ~ ~ ~
Thank you, Mooji. http://www.mooji.org/ (official website) ; also see http://mooji.satsangs.net/ (a source website of Moojis video satsang teachings)

“You must start from now to stop “knowing”; stop relying on “knowing”.” (Mooji) ~ An auspicious pointing by Mooji to our Original Innocence. The dialogue in this video is an edit from an original video on Mooji’s main youtube channel http://www.youtube.org/moojiji entitled “Before Knowledge”. [Music details are unknown] Mooji’s website: http://www.mooji.org

Description: Deepak explores how life and the universe are creative in their essence. Having comfort in our own ambiguity, unpredictability, and uncertainty, a small amount of intent can give rise to a creative leap of imagination that fulfills your intention.* How can you let your creativity emerge? Is it possible to think of chaos and unpredictability as the creative force of the universe?