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In this video you will discover WHY most people fail in manifesting what they desire.

Here is the original question that inspired this video.

“Just wondering if you could give some additional perspective to the idea “detaching from the outcome” It can be a little confusing to intend something, desire it, want it, and then detach from it. Thank you” –
Shelley Hanna

Speak Softly Love (Love Theme From The Godfather) – Katherine Jenkins 1080p HD Beautiful Italy

The scenes are from “Earth From Above – Stunning Water”.

Music: E.S. Posthumus – Antissa 1080p HD
Video: Earth From Above

Lotus from the Stars with Georgia Jenkins

This weeks guest is Georgia Jenkins, Intuitive, Medicine Woman and organiser of Lotus from the Stars. A community based project to help children and adults remember Ancestral Knowledge with the new consciousness. Georgia hosts many events throughout the year that enable people to learn more about the Star Children energy and the wave of consciousness these gifted children are bringing in at this pivotal time in Earth’s history.

Event Information:
“Our Star Children events are created to encourage children to be part of our cultural events. These events encourage the children to meet others like themselves. They may be feeling out of sorts and wanting to be part of the events and not catered for their unique qualities. Also to meet and greet stall holders that using different tools enables children to be as one with nature and find their inner power and abilities and work with them to bring change to our lives and theirs. A sense of belonging and understanding all things spiritual and natural. Working in harmony with their environment. ”

More info: http://www.EyeOfLotus.co.uk

When at first uploaded this song and one of my favorites i dindt except so many views for an old song like this …Amazimg,,,,