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Pleiadian Message to the Lightworkers 2013 - New Earth RisingNew message from the Pleiadians to the lightworkers. New earth rising message 2013. MUST SEE! Important message for the family of light and the members of the bringers of the dawn.

Music: Sascha Ende, www.ende.tv

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This video is about indigo children, crystal children, rainbow children and the new fire/flame/amber children I’m seeing.

I’d also recommend for people to look up the rainbow warrior prophecy. I feel like the Fire/Flame/Amber children that are coming and area already here are part of this prophecy. ACTION.

Look up rainbow warrior you might have to weed out some of the negative spins that have been put on it by some Native Americans. Here’s a link http://www.manataka.org/page235.html#CREE%20PROPHECY

Also the prophecy that the earth will be destroyed by fire instead of water is something to think about. Rebirth is a better term than destroyed.

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The true identify and mission of the Indigo Children and 2012 ascension to 5D Earth.

Master Universe Map

I found this image on Facebook, and then found a larger version of it through the TIN EYE search engine. This is from the Urantia Book, a kind of guide to our strange universe. The Law of One Series implied that some of what is in the Urantia book is not completely accurate, but I thought this image is instructive of how vibration levels affect the organization of physical worlds and galaxies. We would be in the top image the right most band of existence.

Perhaps when we meet our star brothers and sisters will have a better understanding of how all this works.

2012 ASCENSION Gregg Braden

There will be a big change by 21 st December 2012. This change is occuring at a sub atomic level in the tachion field of earth, as the speed or frequency of these particles increases human D.N.A. is being effected on a genetic level.This is causing the so called junk D.N.A. to wake up and turn on one at a time changing us from a carbon 6 based lifeform into a silicon 9 based one. Don’t believe me too far out ? Do your research you will be shocked !!!!!!