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Dead Can Dance (Brendan Perry & Lisa Gerrard) – Agape
Album: Anastasis, 2012

 (narrated by Michael Bernard Beckwith)

Superwise ME! – Law of the Heart

Everyone wants to be happy… so there are thousands of religions, books, films, songs, workshops, keys, codes, secrets, opinions and guru’s telling us how to be happy. But is one way the right Way? And what is happiness??

Inspired by The Secret, What The Bleep? and emerging new thought leaders like Eckhart Tolle and Michael Beckwith, Belgian radio and TV producer Len Branson decided to research that important, universal question for himself. Joyfully, he discovered that there is harmony in the many different outlets for wisdom. The worldwide spiritual buffet has one common dish… he calls it “Law of the Heart.”

Len decided to share his journey and to offer ‘wisdom of the Lowlands,’ bringing together 9 renowned teachers from Belgium and Holland with 9 witnesses to answer 9 questions. In Superwise Me, this grand spiritual experiment plays out for 9 days in a beautiful monastery in Andalusia, Spain.

Packed with real-life stories, songs, drama, sacred movement, laughter, tears, tragedy and triumph, Superwise Me shows that lasting happiness is within everyone’s reach when you start listening to your heart; when your own, inner wisdom is activated. Nobody is wiser than YOU!

The 9 Questions

Who am I and what is God?

How do I deal with illness and mortality?

How do I get rid of my fear and handle the negativity in me and around me?

How do I know what I really want?

How do I become happy and stay in balance?

How do I love myself and others?

How do I forgive myself and others?

How do I let go and release?

How do I get in touch with my inner wisdom?

This video is to help open the doorway of understanding about Spiritual Living. It doesn’t say it all… not even close… but if you are someone who considers themselves a member of Religious Science, Science of Mind, Agape or New Thought of some kind, this video is a great way to open the doorway or discussion.

Please feel free to use this video, if you agree with it and are moved to do so, to explain to others how you feel about your spirituality. I hope this video allows people who would normally avoid the conversation to open it instead…