1. Principle of Creation of Universe by Yang and YinMy loving sons and daughters, welcome you coming here. Mother has been waiting for you all since time immemorial. Always I have been watching you, nurturing and loving. What is this very time you have had? Because there is a strong will to bind to the way of God as children of God in your thoughts, you can have this time today. Mother is pleased about this growth more than anyone else, and would like to express appreciation from my heart to God Aum of Universe.
Now, you understand this Earth is facing an important time, don’t you? Various messages should have been conveyed. In Earth, there are consciousnesses of Terra and mine. We are ruling the principle of creation of Universe since the time of creation of universe, intermixing Yang and Yin poles.
In which planet, in which galaxy, and in God Aum, in all of them, there are rotating the energy based on the dual poles called Yang and Yin, and helping each other, binding together with love, and expressing the power of God.
“In the beginning was the word” so you have learned. First there exists a will of God Aum, then it possesses the spirit of language as a word, and it is emitted as the energy of the will possessing a direction. Not only God Aum, but also every conceivable kind of thing, including you all, commonly possess the principle of creation as the power of children of God.
Since what dwells in the spirit of language is the energy of love, after it is being emitted as the Yang consciousness, light, it is flowed out to Universe as a flow of life, the water being Yin consciousness.
Light, Yang consciousness, penetrates the cosmic space and makes a magnetic field as a shell. Like a Yang consciousness of the existence of various lights, it creates a sun and a cosmic space, in the brilliance of everything.
When such the stars and universe are created, there, the ones of the feminine called Yin pole blow the life of God through the water. Such a law is in Universe.
So you have been made in the three dimensions. The particles which comprise the cells of your body are all from the materials of the so-called “Terra Consciousness,” aren’t they? In that way, all existences have their shapes.
But, even if you have created a human by yourself, the existence of “a human as a child of God” is not born, unless a breath of life, a flow of life as a child of God is blown in there. This life is called “spirituality,” the one of the feminine instills the spiritual flow of life into a container by using the water and gives birth to a child of God.
In the entire universe macrocosm, Yang and Yin energies always rotate spirally whirling, and create all things in Universe. There exists one microcosm inside of you. Using the polarities of Yang and Yin, your body is being created by making the outside body and a flow of life dwelled in its inside.
As children of God, you have this principle of creation. I have told you a flow of life dwells in your inside through the water.”Prayer of Gaia” by Amarie
Chapter Six “To the Children from Mother of Earth”
A Message From Gaia, February 26, 2008