541476_10151361482282172_1359349234_nWe now invite humanity to join us in the co-creation of The New Earth, when The Golden Pyramid Activation unfolds through The Sacred Bosnian Pyramids and your sacred heart.

These pyramids are shown to be like a cosmic heart at earth, holding the potential to re-activate all the pyramids of the earth into one heart-frequency, in oneness with the inner heart of mother earth. This will happen through the heart-intention of humanity.

Likewise, as human beings we enter our cosmic heart-vibration when opening our heart in this frequency – becoming activators of this source-vibration heart-to-heart!

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This will happen at the 9th of June 2013, in co-creation with a Scandinavian group of nearly one hundred light-workers being at The Sun Pyramid.

There will be groups and single participants from all over the earth this day, to enable the largest possible group-energy to facilitate this opening of The New Earth.

Practically, this will happen by a coordinated in-meditation activation by all participants – experiencing this activation and the shift from within their very own human body.
Know that your experience holds the portal-key of this global gathering, as the meeting point between you soul and your body in your heart… is what makes the shift possible.

These sacred pyramids holds the potential to open The New Earth – by shifting the earth poles into galactic harmony. This is initiated by the re-activation and coordination of the earths pyramids, which in turn will make it possible for the inner earth to realign the earths surface with the cosmic heart-frequency. This will happen in complete harmony, because a large enough percent of the humanity will hold the sacred heart-frequency at that time.

For the humanity the same will happen. Everyone will awaken into the natural heart-state of harmony, and this will shift the puzzles of life into its natural harmony from within the choices of the already awaiting life of fulfillment!

The Golden Pyramid Activation facilitates the realization of The New Earth, by utilizing these pyramids as the largest imaginable gift from our pre-historic ancestors. They new that we would meet in spirit again at this time, and inside our hearts rests the spontanous potential to awaken in this heart-frequency.

This sacred lightwork unifies all open lightwork and lightworkers, in the heart of co-creating peace and joy as the natural state of earth and humanity in cosmic oneness.

We are endlessly thankful for the bridging of this work, with that of Jonette Crowley and other lightworkers opening this potential in our natural state of co-creation.


Date/time: the 9th of June @ 5pm Central European Time
Where: Bosnian Sun Pyramid & where you are

The practical guidelines of your participation will follow as we approach the gathering.

Until then – we are very thankful for all sharing of this gathering, so that the largest amount of participants can take part in this co-creation.

It will be amazing! We are fully stepping into our vibrational potential now, as we step into our heart-frequency as co-creators.


Kjetil Andrè Jacobsen
& The Golden Pyramid Activation Group

Music: From a consert by Giita Ranii in Oslo 2013. Music and lyric by GIITA RANII.
Musician in the concert Jan Terje … backingvocal and
guitar Vasudeva L Tandero backing vocal and percussion

Video produced by VJ Indigo Vidar Paulsrud in Tancred Productions.
Text and pictures from Kjetil Andrè Jacobsen.