“I remember my first incarnation, and it was not on this planet ……
Everything around me is incredibly beautiful. Freedom, truth and love.

This Love planet is indescribable. The beings here, including myself, are long, illuminated, beautiful and transparent. It is as if we move in a floating way. We have beautiful flowers, meadows, mountains, forests and oceans as on earth. Yet, in another way. Everything lives in everything; expressing its own intelligence.

When we move over the meadow grass and flowers stretches out and caress us.
If I bend down to a small flower, it talks with me. I respond by playing with it and I blow gently on the flower. I can hear a joyful, tickling laughter.
There are thousands of life forms in each petal. The flower looks physical, but it isn’t. It comprises billions of small, living holograms in constant motion.
When my breathe hits the flower’s petal it dissolves in front of my eyes, while – I hear this chirping laughter, before it recreates itself into a flower again. The strange thing is that everything here is like this – including myself.

We are in different galaxy. Everything here is LOVE. I am LOVE. This is a LOVE planet. The name of the planet is impossible to pronounce when we use the languages from earth. We do not speak as on earth – we express ourselves telepathic, through our hearts. This is where I come from. From the planet that can only be pronounced with emotions without words.

My androgynous creator manifested me from a LOVE thought which gathered star dust from Venus. The breath of God brought this star dust, which danced through the Universes and landed on this LOVE planet.

The beings here are very beautiful, feminine and gracious in their movements. Everything here is serene, peaceful, harmonious and filled with love. In fact, that is why I was attracted to earth. I have a mission, and that calling is to go to earth and spread that LOVE energy which is penetrating everything here.

LOVE is my strongest memories and I have deliberately chosen to share my LOVE with you!!!”

© 2012 All Rights Reserved Pearl Shanti Lodur-Lionheart

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