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Global Anonymous Love Letter delivery
Anywhere you are, you can write and spread some love


Watch all the videos to understand this global movement and join 1000s of people doing the same…………..

CALL OUT TO YOU – Lets unite & spread the videos and start writing your letters and sharing your experiences to the world for the whole of 2012 and beyond……..


Write on the Anonymous letters — addressed “For You” and signed “I Love You”


Record videos and upload / share them to the world and then send us the videos, and add video responses to the videos on our youtube channel
“Language of love TV”

Upload your pictures (name what country) and stories on the Global love letters facebook page to be part of all the great unconditional sharing/giving taking place right now. Its beyond words.

Leave your comments on this website if you have taken part in anyway share your experience on the testimonial page so others feel the resonance of this simple action.

LET’S SPREAD this UNCONDITIONAL LOVE across the globe.

This is an experiential movement, in theory it sounds great, but it requires simple actions to make it happen. Its 2012 and large numbers of people are saying love will unite us and shift our awareness into unity consciousness on this planet………so let’s all come together with a common goal to spread love.

The healing transformational power of love is beyond words. Let’s do this…

Deliver your anonymous love letters on the streets, it really feels good.

All you have to do is pay it forward and write an anonymous love letter and drop it wherever you go….

Simplicity is divinity
The Love Bugs
Video Produced by

“I remember my first incarnation, and it was not on this planet ……
Everything around me is incredibly beautiful. Freedom, truth and love.

This Love planet is indescribable. The beings here, including myself, are long, illuminated, beautiful and transparent. It is as if we move in a floating way. We have beautiful flowers, meadows, mountains, forests and oceans as on earth. Yet, in another way. Everything lives in everything; expressing its own intelligence.

When we move over the meadow grass and flowers stretches out and caress us.
If I bend down to a small flower, it talks with me. I respond by playing with it and I blow gently on the flower. I can hear a joyful, tickling laughter.
There are thousands of life forms in each petal. The flower looks physical, but it isn’t. It comprises billions of small, living holograms in constant motion.
When my breathe hits the flower’s petal it dissolves in front of my eyes, while – I hear this chirping laughter, before it recreates itself into a flower again. The strange thing is that everything here is like this – including myself.

We are in different galaxy. Everything here is LOVE. I am LOVE. This is a LOVE planet. The name of the planet is impossible to pronounce when we use the languages from earth. We do not speak as on earth – we express ourselves telepathic, through our hearts. This is where I come from. From the planet that can only be pronounced with emotions without words.

My androgynous creator manifested me from a LOVE thought which gathered star dust from Venus. The breath of God brought this star dust, which danced through the Universes and landed on this LOVE planet.

The beings here are very beautiful, feminine and gracious in their movements. Everything here is serene, peaceful, harmonious and filled with love. In fact, that is why I was attracted to earth. I have a mission, and that calling is to go to earth and spread that LOVE energy which is penetrating everything here.

LOVE is my strongest memories and I have deliberately chosen to share my LOVE with you!!!”

© 2012 All Rights Reserved Pearl Shanti Lodur-Lionheart

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please note*
All texts here are ©Copyright ONLY!
By either myself Pearl Shanti, or by Ariana Sha.
NOT the Pictures used therein…
Of which we have obtained from google. 🙂

Author Pearl Shanti Lodur-Lionheart

Produced by Noah Hamilton
My friend Noah Hamilton, who was one of the producers for the feature film “Soul Surfer” contacted me to go with him, his sister Bethany Hamilton, and there brother to the Maldives Islands.

The Maldives are a chain of Atoll islands right below India. We stayed at several different islands while we were there, but the main one was at Six Senses Laamu. All the “resort” shots were filmed at that location.

I filmed all the other shots of the locals on one of the nearby islands. The people were awesome wherever we went, some of the nicest people I have ever met!

In a couple weeks I will be releasing a youtube video on Bethany Hamiton (Soul Surfer), that we shot in the Maldives islands. When Bethany was younger she was attacked by a shark, loosing one of her arms, but she stayed persistent with her passion for surfing, and she is a professional surfer even to this day. The youtube video I filmed while I was down there will showcase that. That will be released the end of January.

Film was made by Devin Graham

My friend Stephen Anderson wrote the score specifically for this video! You can download it in the link above!

You can download the song off iTunes from the video in the link below!
Make sure to check out his website in the link below!

You can check out Bethany’s facebook fanpage in the link below. She is AWESOME!

Here is a link to their website!! We had an awesome experience there.

My friend Ben Brooksby color corrected this video. He does it professionally. You can contact him here.

I’m on facebook now!! 🙂
And don’t forget to add my Twitter! 🙂

As far as the filming of this video goes, here is all the technical info!

Shot on a Canon 5D Mark II
Canon 16-35mm F/2.8 L
Canon 70-200mm F/2.8 L
Canon 8-15mm F/4

As far as making the camera look like it was “flying”, I used a glidecam 2000 HD for all those shots. You can check out the exact model on their official website below where you can also buy them, and I don’t get paid to say that 🙂

I also go over a lot of camera questions I get asked in my blog right below in case you have more questions 🙂

For business enquires ONLY, contact me here:

Link for other Jim Carrey videos:

 I feel that is time for you all followers to learn more about me and the reason behind my work, blog and my burning passion for changing these word to be a new and better place for our children to grow up in peace and harmony with each others.

Please read my comment below my video 🙂


HER ER VIDEO TEKSTEN PÅ NORSK Vennligst følg linken:

Namaste my angels and friends :-)))
Thank you for your saw this video and take the time to read this important information. Please share this video diligently so that we can get a proper debate around the world. That is also giving the inspiration to create more video focused on our teamwork for our future children. More people will join that way and we will also reach people that can finance our plans.
Now I’m done with my investigation about what I called ADHD puzzle. I was diagnosed, even in 2004 and thought the whole presentation around it looked very imprecise and worked as a bluff to me. I started then to dig a little more of this and came in contact with the ADHD association. Marked fast that the mood of my thoughts and visions about this was not well received.

I started my side ADHD group Vidar in November 2009 to start looking for the truth. I planned also to share this material I found around this with my friends on the side that eventually became both loved and hated by many. There were many that gave me clues on the one way or another. I have many times said that the people do not know who I am and the reason for this was that I even did not know it at this at this time myself!

I have made several attempts through the page to get someone to listen to what I have to say and this is actually something I’ve given up in Norway. It turns out that the problem is also in all EU and NATO country which was why I found it the full truth of what is happening. When I found out who I was and why I was so different then I found while many like-minded Indigo around the world. Found out quickly that these, I had much more in common with and have gained many who follow my work and are ready for action when the planning of this are ready in short time now, just need to raise some capital to get the wheels running. We are at the start line but short for petrol because of my still struggling life!!

Already have some in the U.S. that will start Found Raising in connection with my plans forward. I’ve actually given up Norway a while but after several of the Norwegian angels who want a difference for their children and grandchildren get me to do a multiply to wake up dormant Norwegian population in this area. I blame no one for the situation we are above, but can say one thing, WE ARE ALL been duped!

I know there are more conspiracies here in the Norwegian and certain other Facebook pages in Scandinavia, this is a statement to you. It is time to look yourself in the mirror to see if it really is true what you do. It is only their children who ultimately are punished when you are not willing to follow moral rules rather than to win their cake and there are a lot of here. There is much that you all think that I’m willing to share with you around the world.

Thank you for your attention and please be kind enough to comment on the video to create life around our work. This will get others to join a community, no comment as the first impression, NOT HOST USING THE TIME!
Join my pages for information on our main page: Crystal and Indigo Children! We must Unite for world peace
My personal page is now more reserved for those who are helping to create something around our work as a team and respecting each other’s opinions on this area when we all have different visions and experiences. We complement each other so that together we are one with lots of strength and overall knowledge and plans for changes that need to be able to change today’s very urgent and critical situation.

Thank you for your attention on behalf of the world’s children’s future, they deserve better :-))))
♥ Love, Light & Peace. Namaste, Vidar ♥

What’s love? ties hard to define,

A plague of life a terror/

There is nothing but love wherever you look.

Love permeates from earth to sky.

Love is the lover love the beloved,

Love in short is in love with love.

Love is law unto itself.

Here the creator there the being.

Whoever attained his end without love?

Love the desire love the goal.

Love is no longer in vogue,

Love you see is forbidden fare.

Your face O Mir is growing pale,

Have you too perchance fallen in love.

Author: Sajjaad Hussian Peerbhai

Story behind the song:

Have you ever awakened with a melody in your head and you don’t know how it got there? That was the beginning of our PianoGuys’ version of David Guetta’s “Titanium (feat. Sia).” Paul especially loved this tune — he lobbied us to arrange the song, but after we could not find a way to begin the arrangement. Every time we tried it just didn’t flow. We also were concerned that the hook of the tune was nothing but the beat 🙂 and lacked a lead melody, which would make it more difficult to convey with piano and cello. Steve woke one morning and couldn’t get a melody out of his head. It was Gabriel Faure’s “Pavane” — a hauntingly beautiful melody that weaves in and out of richly sequenced harmonies and fluid counter-melodies. It had been a favorite of his as a child, but he hadn’t heard it for years. In the studio that same morning we tried the melody over the top of the chorus of David’ Guetta’s Titanium and it was like witnessing a reunion of two childhood friends. The main melody of the Pavane and its supporting chords, transposed and changed stylistically to mimic Guetta, also fit nicely as the intro we had been searching for. And we thought since Guetta and Faure are both French it must have been meant to be! 🙂

If you’re not familiar with “Pavane” Listen to a version of Bobby McFerrin singing it with La Scala Philharmonic Orchestra: (As a boy Steve heard this very version live in concert and it evidently had an indelible impression on him!)

Classical music is such a big part of who we, ThePianoGuys, are. You can hear it in everything we write. We love pairing it with the music of today.

This was the most difficult music video to set the “stage” for thus far. We considered so many locations — a copper mine, a steel mill, an industry factory, a mountaintop ski resort, a wildflower meadow, a desert bluff, and many others. As you know we love putting pianos and cellos in crazy places (a common comment is ‘how the heck did they get the piano up there??’) — places that show off breathtakingly beautiful landscapes. When Mark Wade with Garfield County’s Department of Tourism called and offered full creative access to its national parks we abandoned all of our tabled ideas and focused on showcasing Bryce Canyon National Park — an incredible place of raw beauty and geological history written in rock. It is a place like no other. We feel so blessed to have been able to film there.

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All of the sounds you hear in this tune were created by the piano; electric, steel, acoustic & carbon fiber cellos; vocals; and a tambourine.

This video was filmed at Bryce Canyon National Park in cooperation with the Garfield County Office of Tourism. For more information go to Thanks to Bruce Fullmer and Mark Wade for their assistance in location scouting and project management. See more of Bryce Canyon in this video:

Pavane written by Gabriel Fauré (1845-1924)
Arrangement produced by Al van der Beek & Steven Sharp Nelson
Arrangement written by Al van der Beek, Jon Schmidt & Steven Sharp Nelson
Jon Schmidt: Piano
Steven Sharp Nelson: Electric, Acoustic, Carbon Fiber, Steel Cellos, Cello-percussion, percussion
Al van der Beek: Vocal textures, percussion
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Al van der Beek at TPG Studios in Utah
Video Filmed, produced and edited by Paul Anderson & Tel Stewart


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