The Milky Way Galaxy, which we belong to, is of course a part of the universe. Suppose the Aum universe is like a human body, which part of the body do you think the Milky Way Galaxy corresponds to?
Actually our Galaxy corresponds to the heart of Aum. It means it is a very important place. The heat has the role of a pump sending blood out over the whole body.
Do you understand the significance of blood flowing over the entire universe? Blood contains nutrition and oxygen, which are indispensable for you to live.
What do you think is indispensable for the universe?
It is the energy of love.
You might think you can live if you have oxygen, water, and food. But you cannot live with only those things. There is no life that can live without the energy of love. Although you might not notice this, you are receiving the energy of love from the Aum universe to exist.
Love is invisible to your eyes. However, all things are born from love, and everything is kept alive by love. It is the Aum universe, where the will of love, which keeps various things alive and nurtures them, is flowing over entire universe. You might not feel it. I feel that as a reality.
Love is the energy to forgive everything, and to make everything alive.
All things are made alive in the Aum universe by love. It ranges from bigger things like galaxies and stellar stars, to every smaller matter like humans, animals, and minerals. Everything is made alive by the energy of love of God. In other words, no one thing is permitted to live in opposition to the will of love in the Aum universe.

“Project Eden The Origin of Earth“ by Amarie, “Chapter Two : Earth – The Prince of the Galaxy“

Illustration; KAGAYA

Author: Kiichirou Yamahira