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If you love, say you love.
no matter who …
their parents. their friends, their brothers,
their relatives, someone who is dear you …
Tell your comfort in knowing that life
and your life will look lovingly
and have a meeting place.
Tell your gratitude. Your contentment.
The party that happens every time you
remember that the other exists.
And if it’s too hard to say with words
tell in other ways
which also can be heard. Prepare surprises.
Borde niceties tissue sometimes rough hours. Reinaugure gestures of companionship.
But do not leave it for later.
After a while is always doubtful.
After it is far from here.

_______________Ana Jácomo

Shared by: Krika Tuareg

Biography of Mohandas K. Gandhi, the lawyer who became the famed leader of the Indian revolts against the British rule through his philosophy of non-violent protest.

Director: Richard Attenborough
Writer: John Briley
Stars: Ben Kingsley, John Gielgud and Candice Bergen

The Milky Way Galaxy, which we belong to, is of course a part of the universe. Suppose the Aum universe is like a human body, which part of the body do you think the Milky Way Galaxy corresponds to?
Actually our Galaxy corresponds to the heart of Aum. It means it is a very important place. The heat has the role of a pump sending blood out over the whole body.
Do you understand the significance of blood flowing over the entire universe? Blood contains nutrition and oxygen, which are indispensable for you to live.
What do you think is indispensable for the universe?
It is the energy of love.
You might think you can live if you have oxygen, water, and food. But you cannot live with only those things. There is no life that can live without the energy of love. Although you might not notice this, you are receiving the energy of love from the Aum universe to exist.
Love is invisible to your eyes. However, all things are born from love, and everything is kept alive by love. It is the Aum universe, where the will of love, which keeps various things alive and nurtures them, is flowing over entire universe. You might not feel it. I feel that as a reality.
Love is the energy to forgive everything, and to make everything alive.
All things are made alive in the Aum universe by love. It ranges from bigger things like galaxies and stellar stars, to every smaller matter like humans, animals, and minerals. Everything is made alive by the energy of love of God. In other words, no one thing is permitted to live in opposition to the will of love in the Aum universe.

“Project Eden The Origin of Earth“ by Amarie, “Chapter Two : Earth – The Prince of the Galaxy“

Illustration; KAGAYA

Author: Kiichirou Yamahira

Music: Zero Project – First night at the Wood Elf Forest

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The fire of love burnt Rizvan to death,
Although that demon had his home in Lanka, surrounded by water.

Mir, the sadness of a burnt-out heart never goes away,
Faced with her beautiful face, the candle-flame dies.

/12/ The rose has taken on her color
just as one candle is lighted from another.

Fire eats away all that it encounters, wet or dry,
But I, like the candle’s flame, only consumed myself.

Mir, do not shed tears when the heart is on fire–
It’s no use sprinkling water on a conflagration!

Bones shiver and burn away–
What a fire has love lighted here!

A splinter of lightning must still be lurking
somewhere in my house.

Today Mir’s house was an ash-heap; he had been smouldering for years,
Perhaps last night he burnt himself away.

Mir, the scar of my ravaged heart is bright in the night–
Love has lit a lamp even in such a wilderness.

Author: Sajjaad Hussian Peerbhai

Music: Katherine Jenkins – Vide cor meum

Does a G.I. Joe cartoon predict what is happening today? Will the dollar collapse?

“The first lesson of love is not to seek love, but to give it. Be the one who gives you. Usually, people do the opposite. Even when you give, do so only with the hope that their love will be returned. they bestow willingly, but conditioning. they give, but to look sideways to see if I get anything back. they do not know the operating natural law of love. Simply pour, poured, and love will come. even if it comes, no need to worry, because true love knows that to love is to be happy. then why you return worrying about them? (path of Love)
Author: Diana OM Diane