Examining the impact of the April earthquake in Sumatra, scientists have found out that one of the eight tectonic plates of the Earth cracked. About how the split will affect humanity, in the studio of the “Morning of Russia,” said the scientist Alexei Sobisevich.

According to Alexei Sobisevich, earthquake in Sumatra was very unusual. In the history of instrumental observation similar happened. The uniqueness of this phenomenon is that it has not happened in the collision zone of lithospheric plates, as is usually the case, and inside the slab.

Changes in the dynamics of plate movements, according to Alexei Sobisevich, do not fear: it is a sign of the evolution of the planet.

The very unique earthquake in the next hundred years is unlikely to be repeated (for the accumulation voltage, which will lead to the same earthquake that requires about as much time), but a small earthquake in Sumatra, Indonesia and Thailand will be required.