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I am being called St. Antonius, as well as the Sun Consciousness or Divine Spirit of the Sun. I am the Divine Spirit dwelling in the Sun, which is continuously sending you the light and heat.
You might think the Sun is an enormous ball of burning gas. But it is not true. Although the Sun differs from the earth, it is a solid star. A star shining by itself like me is called a stellar star, and there are many planets rotating around me. In this chapter, I want to talk about the story since those planets were born, especially the Earth, which you live on.

Before that, let me shortly talk about the entire universe.
How do you view the universe?

The universe was born at the moment of big bang far long ago, and still it has been expanding to infinite vastness. You might wonder what is going on beyond the universe. Or you might wonder what it was like before it was born.

The truth is the universe is a body of God Aum. It is similar to the relation between the body and spirit of human, because the human body is made resembling the universe.
There is an order. First, there was the will of God Aum, ”Be a universe!” Then the will became the power of creation, and the universe was created. There might be various idea about God. But, Aum is the fundamental God, the creator who created everything including the universe itself. Therefore, our universe is called Aum universe and it was made according to His will. It may be too big to comprehend for you; the Aum universe has a similar figure exactly like a human body. There are more universes other than the Aum universe. They also have figures like a giant human. In each universe, there are specific rules.

All of us are an existence made by the will of God Aum.
That applies to a stellar consciousness like me and to human being like you.
In this sense, both you and I are same children of the God Aum.

“Project Eden The Origin of Earth“ by Amarie, “Chapter Two : Earth – The Prince of the Galaxy“

Author: Kiichirou Yamahira

A small tribute to the Hubble Space Telescope (

Main characters:

The Solar System
Orion Nebula
Veil Nebula
Large Magellanic Cloud
Antennae Galaxies
“Mystic Mountain” in the Carina Nebula
Crab Nebula

Music by David Schombert (

Earth is a learning place,
for the spirits who came from various stars.
But the current situation
of Earth covered by wars is just
the level of an elementary school.
Let us bring about a rebirth of Earth
as a planet of love
to the level of a junior high school.
This is the ascension of Earth of this time.

Author: Kiichirou Yamahira

“As I seek my greatest health and wealth, I must dig down deep within myself, Wherein lies the root of all dysfunction, Which when owned, felt, understood and digested, Becomes the medicine for which I have quested.” This week, after the electrical firestorms of last week will feel quite calm, perhaps blue. It’s a weekend for inward traveling, perhaps to unravel the complexities revealed recently. Find a nice cozy place and perhaps a nice cozy partner to relax, feel, and renew. Aloha……

As long as i can i will look@this world as long as i can i will laugh w the birds i will sing w the flowers i will pray 2 the stars as long as i can i will remember how many things on earth were joy i will live as u would want me 2 live as long as i can.

Author: Crecent Moon Light-ceecee

This is a video expressing what was at the core of the Understanding i received from Thoth. As we continue Spirit Science and the Exploration into the ALL and the ONE, we must come to the realization that LOVE is the balance in which all exists in harmony and peace. We can strive to be in this space by accessing the source known as Christ Consciousness in the Sacred Space of your Heart, and when in tune with this place, we can know only Unconditional Love with everyone and everything.

It matters not who you are, what walk of life you emerge from, where you are going, or what you want in life. We must learn to come together regardless of our differences, regardless of the things that we see as separation, and see ourselves as what we really are. A collective species, on ONE planet, in ONE Solar System, Galaxy, and Universe. There is no Separation except that which exists in our minds.

And the best part about Unconditional Love ~ It’s ALL Encompassing.

Video clips by~
Nature by Numbers
Jason Silva + NotthisBody
The Buddha BBC
HOME (Documentary).

Music by Enya

Inspired by Elijah ~ The Green One.

I am impelled, not to squeak like a grateful and apologetic mouse, but to roar like a lion out of pride in my profession.
John Steinbeck
Shared by: Selina Rainbow Moon- Abundance Page

On the petals of flowers wrote a letter
Such was exquisitely delicate script.
I read the text, and the fragrance of the words
I twist around your heart light inner side in order.