7. Show Your Power as God Itself
A will of God is a will of you. You are being existent here, taking charge of the future of Earth. If I, the consciousness of the grand universe, macrocosm, were you, what would you think, what would you wish for? I would like you to consider it always in parallel. Then, you could understand what you have to do now.
As children of God, no, as part of God itself, burn your life.
Be aware of it.
And, open the power of your spirit, and use up the principle of creation.
And, use your creativity by the will of love, with a strong idea to change the future of Earth to a bright planet of love.
Otherwise, the future vision of Earth cannot be overridden.
Keep this in your mind deeply.

illustration; KAGAYA

Shared by: Kiichirou Yamahira