the best in whole world is my hindustaan
we are its nightingale and this garden is our home

even in exile our heart is at home
and we are there where our heart is

the loftiest of the mountains, the friend of sky
is our sentry, is our guard

thoushand of river plays in her bosom
our garden is an envy to the heaven

O flowing water of Ganges! did you recall the day
when our caravan had landed at your shore

religion doesnt teach animosity amongst kins
we all are Hindi and our nation is Hindustaan

Greeks, Coptics and Romans have become history
but we still have name and existence

there is something which keeps us going
despite many in world being our foes for centuries

Iqbaal there is no sympathiser to us
does anyone know our hidden pain ?


Shared by Sajjaad Hussian Peerbhai

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