“I learned that making mistakes is learned;
That means do not grow birthday;
That silence is sometimes the best answer;
Who won friends being ourselves;
That true friends are with us until the end;
That is not expected to reach happiness, but if she seeks;
That when I think I know everything, yet not learned anything;
That nature is one of the most perfect things in life;
What love means to give up entirely;
That one day may be more important than many years;
What can chat with the stars;
What can confess with the moon;
That can travel beyond infinity;
What you need to dream and pursue those dreams is even more necessary;
That should be child a lifetime. ”
That our being is free!!
God does not forbid anything in the name of love;
That the judgment of others is not important;
That what really matters is inner peace. ”

Shared by Krika Tuareg