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In silence, having hidden in the maple
The roar of the heart does not relieve.
In life, the brightest autumn
Give me a stronger hug you!

Infinite happiness flows
Splashed by the river in the chest.
Pierce me biotoki
The love that is still to come …

Let someone sometimes dull,
Maybe tomorrow you show up,
And I fell in love this autumn
In the impossibility of her beauty.

Music – Sergei Sirotin & Golden Light Orchestra – Good Time

Pi in the Sky SkyTyping over San Francisco Bay Fremont CA 09/12/12 Pi in the sky SkyTyping Sky Typing San Francisco Bay Area Airplanes Numbers Fremont CA Skywriting Sky Writing “Pi in the sky” Ishky Zero1 Biennial 3.14

I am no better than a stone,
a leaf, wood bridge,
the dust of the roads.
I’m just more fragile
Lord, I tread with care.
Jamil Snege

Shared byKrika Tuareg

A Moving Art original short film by Louie Schwartzberg. The journey of fresh water from melting snow to streams, waterfalls, and rivers, which is the essence of life.

This video has been produced and released by InLIght Radio for you to share with all your family, friends, neighbours, work colleagues – and the world – to let them know that our Galactic family is here.

For too long, our governments, military leaders, religious leaders and the mainstream media have hidden the truth of our galactic history and the real presence of our star brothers and sisters from us. Not any more! Our Galactic family is here – and has been since the beginning of time, and they come in peace, love and friendship to help us fix our planet and create the world we all deserve – a world of peace, pristine environments, equality on every level (racial, financial, sexual) and, importantly, love.

This video features the InLight Radio on-air team – Graham Dewyea, Steve Beckow, Geoffrey West, Linda Dillon, Dave Schmidt, Sierra Neblina and Stephen Cook – as they share their personal disclosure stories and ask you to share this video with everyone you know via your social media and online resources. We know our Galactic family is here – do you?


You can find out more about InLIght Radio by heading to our radio station site:

You can also hear the InLight Radio team – as well as Galactic ‘insiders’ Mike Quinsey, Suzy Ward, Blossom Goodchild and Wes Annac – when they speak at the ‘2012 Scenario Conference – Preparing for Ascension’ in Sedona, Arizona, USA in October 2012. Tickets are available right now at and…

“I learned that making mistakes is learned;
That means do not grow birthday;
That silence is sometimes the best answer;
Who won friends being ourselves;
That true friends are with us until the end;
That is not expected to reach happiness, but if she seeks;
That when I think I know everything, yet not learned anything;
That nature is one of the most perfect things in life;
What love means to give up entirely;
That one day may be more important than many years;
What can chat with the stars;
What can confess with the moon;
That can travel beyond infinity;
What you need to dream and pursue those dreams is even more necessary;
That should be child a lifetime. ”
That our being is free!!
God does not forbid anything in the name of love;
That the judgment of others is not important;
That what really matters is inner peace. ”

Shared by Krika Tuareg

Broken shadows lie on the floor
I’ll ask her breath, “Why?”
Answer would be neither mine nor thine
“This one is free,” – tell lies fate

The room is empty do not need light, I’m in your hands
Slow dance at the edge of the universe
The room is empty pained from the grip stars in the sky for two
Even a kiss can not ignite them.

A chance meeting, and I am pleased
But, you know, will not be going back
Common questions simple route
Minutes of the last chest zamrut

The room is empty do not need light, I’m in your hands
Slow dance at the edge of the universe
The room is empty pained from the grip stars in the sky for two
Even a kiss can not ignite them.

I do not lose the will to bestow this huge love
(in the form of friendship)
that exists in my heart, even though he often will undergo tests and even rejected.

______________________Chico Xavier

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All Colors of the World

Shared by Krika Tuareg

David Hamilton looks at hard scientific evidence to bring us closer to understanding the balance between the forces of destiny and the power of free will.

Exploring new, cutting-edge scientific research into the nature of time, and drawing on fields such as quantum physics, epigenetics, solar cycles and even reports of near-death experiences, David explores how, rather than being a question of one versus the other, destiny and free will can in fact work simultaneously in his fascinating new theory, ‘The Tree of Probable Life’. He shows how, ultimately, we create many of the conditions of our own lives and offers some powerful, practical principles that can bring amazing results.

Latest book: Is Your Life Mapped Out?: Unravelling the Mystery of Destiny vs Free Will
By Dr. David Hamilton

After completing his PhD, David worked for 4 years in the pharmaceutical industry developing drugs for cardiovascular disease and cancer. During this time he also served as an athletics coach and manager of one of the UK’s largest athletics clubs, leading them to three successive UK finals. Upon leaving the pharmaceutical industry, David co-founded the international relief charity Spirit Aid Foundation and served as a director for 2 years.

While writing his first book, David taught chemistry and ecology at James Watt College of Further and Higher Education and tutored chemistry at Glasgow University.

Now a bestselling author of 6 books published by Hay House, he offers talks and workshops that fuse science, the mind, and spiritual wisdom. David writes a regular blog for the Huffington Post. – from

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Today, all the flowers blossomed,
As if the angels came down from the sky,
And multicolority this beauty,
Divine and pristine nature.
Today is a holiday garden and soul
Flowers and angels came down to us from heaven,
And in this wonderland real mirage,
Merged with the celestial beauty of the earth.

Ludmila, my dear! With all my heart this video is for you!
Thank you for what you have there! I love you!