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The power to bear and raise children as a mother is
the power of the maternal.
To support a husband as a wife is
also part of the power of the maternal.
To support society is also
a maternal expression of a woman.
The maternal is the power to care for and raise
all living things in this world.
The maternal is the original power
of the feminine.

Autor Kiichirou Yamahira

Evolving through a community, a group consciousness

Nature magically suits a man to his fortunes, by making them the fruit of his character”
Ralph Waldo Emerson
Shared by Selina Rainbow Moon- Abundance Page


You are not in the applications I have done to God, is in the acknowledgments
Autor Krika Tuareg

Ghost Track (did the video before the music, which became “In Exile (Thermosphere)”
Music by Kevin McLeod (stretched to fit video length)
Video for the end of “The Healing Unwound”

Originally Merged with “At Peace” to create “America In Pieces”

Originally Uploaded on defunct channel SextusEmpyricus.
Blatantly copied by ORKP, who claims “Sad Song of MarcZero” when it is Kevin Macleod’s song.

Do not count your garden by fallen leaves, but the flowers are born;
Do not count the days by the hands of a clock, but by winning every smile;
Do not tell your age by the passing years, but the days that are lived;
Do not tell people who passed through his life, but many times the air has been stolen;
Do not tell your friends by quantity but pelasinceridade.
It contains as if today were the last day, but as if it were the only one, because when tomorrow comes it will be the last, but as long as you live today he will become eternal.

___________________________________ (Luiz Antonio)
Shared by Krika Tuareg