In 2005 the dream began with 10 Lightworkers unifying their energies in a global meditation and prayer for peace, love, freedom and harmony
for all life on earth.

Each year we have grown 10 fold in numbers, 100 in 2006, 1000 in 2007
and now 10,000 in 2008.

Join the rEvolution of mind, heart and spirit for 2009. 100,000 lightworkers across the world, unite their vision to create
a new heaven, a new earth.

100,000 Lightworkers for 2009

1 Million by Dec 21st 2012

Let your voice be heard, and pass on the word.

Shine on….


Angels are everywhere and never left us, just souls re-routed in the “epic” journey of experiences within this frail human mind “at times”… all are variations of the angel recalling what all are in spirit once again, to know they are the

spirit of angels… the breath of an angel is here, sitting next to us, standing in the elevator, raging for oxygen even at the passer-by who stepped on their toes… Why souls look above or look outside for the message of an angel is beyond one’s understanding, when they are the messenger of the angel in disguise is all ♡:) embracing our angel, our fairy and our inherited right to BE and BECOME the illuminated souls we already are together… All Angels xx…