I am red, white, black, yellow.
I am the ground I walk on,
I am the air I breathe,
I am the river, which rushes forward
I am the trees that sway in the wind,
I am the eagle that flies;
I am the mountain, you are on,
I am the fleeing wolf,
I bear in the woods,
I’m all that wild you see.
I’m the blood in your veins,
I am the tears on your cheek
I am everything you see,
I am you, for you I am.
I am the clouds in your sky,
I am the sun that warms you,
I am the rain that wets the soil.
I am everything you crave;
Yes I am everything, because we are ONE.
We are ONE with the Creator.
We are ONE with the Great Spirit.
Because we are connected with each other!

by ©Wolf-Spirit FlyWith-Eagle