Continuation of chapter 4, This talks of purpose regarding global women’s rights, bartering, opening of borders for free travel to wonders of the world; holistic and spirtual health centers; transcend time to save mankind; conform to society or express individual & collective consciousness to change & transformation for a tsuanmi wave of change to change the world as we know it lied by the new people, the Indigos, Crystal, Rainbow, Light Workers & others and those who may not know their special diagnosed with ADD, ADHD, Bipolar & other behavioral anomalies or disorders. Connect to all the New People to stand as one with each other. Reconnect the old to the new to determine our purpose by connecting our individual inner light to the collective light of Humanity and then to the Crystalline Light grid of Mother Earth. Stop being exploited, medicated and dumb-down ed and lead the change & transformation to lead global change, which is our calling. It is time to stand strong as one. Erica Si8mo Therrien, Billy Denis, Saguasis, W8kwses, Anikwses

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