Continuation of chapter 2; Indigo description continued. Addresses food, environment, defiance, cooperation, like minded yet royal with humor. Read people. Find purpose and not fit, form and function to the beat of society, Early Indigos awaiting the call of the new to lead transformation and change with the new people and get It generation led by woman with warrior type men of peace. Address the leader of the New people succumbing to mind intervention as if in a cult not a Tsunami wave of peace led by the voices of the new people and special children some diagnosed with ADD, ADHD, Bipolar or other behavioral disorders. Purpose is collective as they join with like-minded peers. Time to set the new people free to promote global peace, unconditional love, unconditional peace and unity for all humanity. Astrology played a role in the first awareness movement of the 60’s as a rare alignment of Uranus and Pluto occurred in the sign of Virgo that helped shape the landscape of that time. The New People and get it Generation have a new peaceful purpose and call to change and transformation of consciousness as we enter the new Age of Aquarius. Billy Denis, Erica Therrien, Si8mo, saguasis anikwses)

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