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From GiovannaStadnicki

Continued from chapter 5 – Light threads and a flame of hope for the future as the New People and Get It Generation find purpose to step up to the plate for the advancement of life and Light as we adapt our lives to change and transformation to promote spirituality, global peace, unconditional love, unconconditional forgiveness and unity will be the Tsunami wave for the future greater good of Humanity. Organize a national and global festival for 11/11/11 called the “Great Embrace.” Salt ant and sugar ant. Erica Si8mo Therrien, Billy Denis, Saguasis, W8kwses, Anikwses

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When men leave this world and see the King without these veils, then they will know that all were veils and coverings, that the object of their desire was in reality that One Thing… They will see all things face to face. That means you are seeking something apart from yourself. Know that you seek only yourself, that longing is for you. The light you seek is your own light reflected, but you will not escape this blinding glare of the outward lights until your own Inner Light becomes a hundred thousand times greater.

Words from Mahendra Jain

Continuation of chapter 4, This talks of purpose regarding global women’s rights, bartering, opening of borders for free travel to wonders of the world; holistic and spirtual health centers; transcend time to save mankind; conform to society or express individual & collective consciousness to change & transformation for a tsuanmi wave of change to change the world as we know it lied by the new people, the Indigos, Crystal, Rainbow, Light Workers & others and those who may not know their special diagnosed with ADD, ADHD, Bipolar & other behavioral anomalies or disorders. Connect to all the New People to stand as one with each other. Reconnect the old to the new to determine our purpose by connecting our individual inner light to the collective light of Humanity and then to the Crystalline Light grid of Mother Earth. Stop being exploited, medicated and dumb-down ed and lead the change & transformation to lead global change, which is our calling. It is time to stand strong as one. Erica Si8mo Therrien, Billy Denis, Saguasis, W8kwses, Anikwses

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I am red, white, black, yellow.
I am the ground I walk on,
I am the air I breathe,
I am the river, which rushes forward
I am the trees that sway in the wind,
I am the eagle that flies;
I am the mountain, you are on,
I am the fleeing wolf,
I bear in the woods,
I’m all that wild you see.
I’m the blood in your veins,
I am the tears on your cheek
I am everything you see,
I am you, for you I am.
I am the clouds in your sky,
I am the sun that warms you,
I am the rain that wets the soil.
I am everything you crave;
Yes I am everything, because we are ONE.
We are ONE with the Creator.
We are ONE with the Great Spirit.
Because we are connected with each other!

by ©Wolf-Spirit FlyWith-Eagle

Continuation of Chapter 3 – A call to the Indigo Scouts & Indigos of the 60’s to join with the New People, Indigos, Crystals, Rainbow, Blue, Light and others who may be special that are unaware who have been diagnosed with ADD, ADHD, Bipolar & other behavioral disorders or anomalies that are here to lead this generation into a new consciousness in the dawning of the New Age of Aquarius. A prophecy and the call to the Light Workers and Light Warrriors to teach and nurture this call to global peace, unconditional love, unconditional forgiveness and unity. The word of the future is “PULUFU.” The principles of the ways of the Ancients and how they apply and work with the principles of the New People and Get It Generation. About becoming one with the Human race. Holistic and alternative medicines and practices to replenish the earth and save our planet.Erica Therrien, Denis Billy, Saguasis, W8kwses, Anikwses

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