Christina Maria Mosberger

Crystal Children are highly sensitive beings with large, wise eyes. They all carry the Crystal Energy, which appears in their nature and their aura. Their aura glitters and sparkles in all pastel colors.

Most of these children are highly spiritual and spiritually gifted. They are always in touch with their angels and fairies, because they are their friends. They come to Earth with an open heart and lots of compassion. They are naturally born healers and they know very early on in their lives what their life purpose is. They are very fascinated by crystals, they love nature and animals, and they often can communicate with them through telepathy. Like Doreen Virtue wrote in her book “The Crystal Children”, some of the Crystal Children begin to speak very late, because they communicate with their parents through telepathy, that’s why they don’t need words.

The Crystal Children are very sensitive in several areas. Lots of them have problems with nutrition like intolerances or allergies, or with personal-care products when they aren’t naturally based, or even with electricity. They are also very sensitive to low energies. They are literally allergic to conflicts and fear, because they can feel everything that is happening around them. They can sense if someone doesn’t tell the truth, because the feeling doesn’t match what they know to be true.

The Crystal Children bring great wisdom to the Earth and they like to share that wisdom if you listen to them with respect and attention. They have a lot to tell and to give, if you let them. But when they aren’t heard, they often back down into their own world.

What is really important is not to put them into a box, because that’s not where they belong. They are beautiful individuals, each and everyone of them is unique. Their common ground is that they are functioning very different from the children before them. That’s why they are often misunderstood and labeled, because they don’t fit in the traditional system. They often are misdiagnosed as ADHD (Attention Deficit with Hyperactivity Disorder) or as Autistic. But these children aren’t ill or malfunctioning, they are just functioning differently from the others in a very beautiful way

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