Jeanlight Osilia Mensajes de Luz


“The concept is as follows: The Everything comes out of nowhere like an explosion, expansion of energy, pure energy that has no quality, characteristic or adjective form. It is an explosion that expands and simultaneously imploding inward toward the inner energy which forms a group, a conglomerate and that together form the matrix for the demonstration.
The important thing is that the essence in all that is physically manifested light from the Energy …
Everything created, it has to be created if the same basis with varying content of Light …
(It has to do with the amount of light-energy that’s right and wrong?) Of course, if something has been created out of fear, requires energy for its manifestation, thoughts, feelings have requested like everything in creation and then manifests. But that, is a situation or something else, has all the potential of Energy, the Light itself.
This is how you can transmute orientation or use of Energy, to give more light transformers thoughts and feelings …
Everything in its Essence contains this energy.
Everything is done in the same way, in essence, all at its base contains the same ingredient that gives the ingredient. What varies is the use that is given to ingredients, proper use by the thoughts and feelings.
There are things that must not be allowed … the unconscious creation.
Try to consciously create the reality you want to manifest in their lives with loving thoughts held with loving sentiments held …
Try to light the reality that is manifesting right now, with loving thoughts and feelings sustained.
Call on the Supreme Light present throughout the visible and the invisible.
Do not stand staring and ruminating Brightness areas lacking in their lives.
On the contrary send them thoughts of Light, Light báñenlas, otórguenle Force of Light to those sparks of energy with which they were created Brightness underserved areas.
Illuminate for every situation, every person, every thing Honoring Your Essence held with loving thoughts, with feelings of love sustained.
Give priority to these thoughts and feelings in their day to day.
Light clarifies everything clarifies everything illuminates everything.
Light flows only in the presence of Love
Everything is made by the same light, only with more or less of it.
Give strength only in light, present in all creation and illuminate their lives.
That’s all I had to say. ”
In love and full assurance;
Jeanlight Osilia