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Sajjaad Hussian Peerbhai

Mysteries of Touch
Was it a dream?
No. it was more more than a dream.

In such a dream you came

on the shore of the ocean we met.

Then you asked me,
the most beautiful question,
‘Can I hug you?’

I opened my arms to embrace you.
Time stopped, the universe froze.
The stars were jealous.
For eternity we embraced.

And the heaven came down between us.
I wished the night never pass.
And i knew you wished the same.

Then today contemplating
i excalim, O my Lord
What magic You have created in the touch of two souls!

What hidden message you hide in touch?
I beg, teach me the magic,
teach me the mysteries, O my Beloved.

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In this video you will discover WHY most people fail in manifesting what they desire.

Here is the original question that inspired this video.

“Just wondering if you could give some additional perspective to the idea “detaching from the outcome” It can be a little confusing to intend something, desire it, want it, and then detach from it. Thank you” –
Shelley Hanna

August 31, 2012 a rare blue moon will be seen in our universe. Share this event, so others can enjoy it too!

Beloved Friends & Cocreators , Family of Light ,
Thank You so much for Sharing this Important Message from GOD ♥ with All your Friends & Family ((((♥ ))) This is what WeUMeAll Lightworkers & Spiritual People Need to share on our Timelines , Groups & Pages (((♥ )))

We Are One Heart Beating with Mother Earth (((♥ )))
Mother Earth Needs Us All to Act in a Responsable Way !
I Love You In All That Is (((♥ )))
I Am That I Am (((♥ )))
I Am So Gratefull (((♥ )))

In Lak`ech Ala K`in.
Aum Namah Shivaya.

This is a must see video that is a direct message from the ONE. This video was inspired by the authors of The Genesis Code: God Has Spoken and delves into the questions, “Who Am I? What is God?” This inspirational video travels into the matrix of our world and reveals what is possible.

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Berit Mikalsen

My dear light friend dedicated this picture to me, Vj Indigo-

Ceep *Folowing the spirit 🙂
Dont let anyone break your spirit! Whether they call it the truth or fairness?
Do not let miss-to get root-party!
This I made ​​tailored to you and the nice person you are! ..
But think others can have advantage of it too, then share it ..

Yes, made it the inspiration of your personality …
You know a lot comes in the name of truth, but the owner is not love.
And those who have a burning flame of goodness and justice in love, you can easily burn out, burn their candle at both ends ..
Spess about * Truth sword-swallow-re * will quench the flames with water cannons 🙂