Please believe me, you are very much better off not knowing what happened in your past lives!

What you have experienced and remember in this life itself is enough to drive you crazy. Why do you want to remember what you did in other bodies earlier? Nature is being kind to you by letting you not remember all this.

What happens is this: When the body experiences death and the spirit leaves the body, the spirit travels through seven layers of energy starting from the physical body layer. In each layer it experiences emotions and memories associated with that layer. When it reaches the subtle body layer, the fourth layer, all the painful memories of the past life surface. Immediately after this, the spirit enters the fifth layer, the causal energy body, and the body-mind goes into coma. This layer is the layer of darkness which people experience when they go through Near Death Experience (NDE). The light they see at the end of this layer is the sixth layer of energy, the cosmic energy layer.

The fifth layer or causal energy body is when the spirit detaches from the body. Until this point, the spirit has the option to return to the body-mind. That is how many people come back to life after having been in coma for years. They had stayed in their causal layer. Once the spirit crosses this layer into cosmic layer, it has no option but to move on.

If it is a spirit that has fulfilled all the desires in its lifetime, it moves on to the final energy layer of nirvanic energy. A spirit which has not yet fulfilled the desires, with which it took birth, originally, will move into another body to fulfill these desires. The spirit will seek a body that has similar inclinations in terms of environment, culture, parental background and so on.

When the spirit moves through the pain and coma in the fourth and fifth layers, all memories of the previous life are lost along with the body-mind. This passage through the darkness of the fifth or causal layer corresponds to the passage through the mother’s womb. This is the point at which the spirit enters the new body. This is the reason why you do not remember what you experienced in your past lives.

In General, such adventures into past life memories may be quite harmful unless undertaken by someone who is spiritually aware and understands the implications. Someone who is spiritually aware may be able to use less harmful techniques to heal a person without having to put them through past life experiences.

There are people who say that existence is not fair in subjecting them to karma (unfulfilled actions from their past) and the effects of karma, without their being aware of what brought about that karma. All I can say is that there is no such thing as fairness in Existence as these people imply. Existence just is. It does not judge. It is you who causes what happens to you. There is no accident in nature. Everything is an incident caused by another incident.

Nature is protecting you by helping you not remember all your past memories. If you did, your entire life would be spent on a psychiatrist’s Couch!

-Mahavatar Paramahamsa Nithyananda.