Many times the energy of the spiritual practitioners raises the energy vibration where an etheric plasma field is generated that will effect digital, electrical and mechanical equipment. Additionally, if the equipment and human intent and resonation of energy is not in a energy coherence, this discordance can effect many aspects of the filming, Psi energy phenomena, synchronistic elements etc.

This is why many times when filming in monasteries, temples, sacred sites, power sites and vortex energies including shaman sites of ceremonial practices, many times camera batteries will go dead, energy disturbances effect the lenses and electrical energy of the camera optics including audio drop out and microphones going dead or white noise static being filmed when specific phenomena is captured on tape or film.

Often times it is best to have the crew and equipment and the entire team on film location to form a prayer circle with the spiritual circle and unite the energy intents with the potential of having this energy intent coherence imprinted in the filming environment. As Dr William Tiller, (physicist in the film, “What the Bleep Do We Know), once told me many years ago, he said, “it is not the paranormal phenomena of the film that will shift the audiences consciousness inasmuch as having the intentionality of the entire production crew and spiritual practitioner imprinted into the film that is capturing the phenomena.”

I also believe that when this energy coherence is imprinted into the film from the entire team resonating in the group intention, this has a much greater effect where audience will pick up on the energy intention imprints.

Different descriptions, labels and phrases are used all over the world to describe these psychic kids —from Indigo Kids, Super Psychic Kids of China, Blue Ray children, Children of the New Millennium, Crystal Children, Rainbow Children, Avatar Children, Children of Advanced DNA Activation, Star Seed Children, Kids form the 13 Dimension.