Help fund the studio production of my Autism anthem that’s dedicated to my son Matt who lives with Autism.

Hello Kickstarters!

I’m incredibly jazzed to be posting my first project here. My goal is to cover studio production time and CD pressing of my single “Not a One of Us”, an Autism anthem. Another goal I have is to crowd-source the music video footage by inviting as many people as possible to record themselves singing “Not a One of Us” or a part of the song and uploading it onto YouTube to be part of the music video.

I’ve performed the song live several times and I would really like to make it available to as many people as possible. I think the message of inclusion is so important for everyone to hear and music is the best way I know to share it.

I will be posting images of my son’s past artwork that is being offered for different rewards shortly [they are now posted on the “updates” tab].

Please join me in my goals, and pass this project on… everyone’s included.

With joy,

NEDI performs her original song about Autism Awareness and Inclusion at the Soul Food event in San Clemente, California. The background illustration is by her son living with Autism, Matt. More original songs at (All Rights Reserved)

Song Lyrics

There’s not a one of us who doesn’t need to contribute
There’s not a one of us who doesn’t need to share
There’s not a he or a she, a you or me
Not longing to cry out “I’m here, I’m here”

There’s not a one of us that doesn’t feel uncertain
And every one of us still needs to be assured-
We have a gift to give, the life we live
Is growing in strength ever more, and more

Living in the heart of everyone on earth
Is a little bit of heaven above
If what you’re seeing isn’t whole,
you’re not seeing the soul ~
We’re all made in one image of undying love

There’s not one of us that couldn’t learn acceptance
We’re here together for so very short a time
Sharing one home – the earth, allow the worth
Of every person to shine, let it shine