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Tulip Town, Mount Vernon

My Favorite Quotes

GIVE but don’t allow yourself to be USED. LOVE but don’t allow your heart to be ABUSED. TRUST but don’t be NAIVE. LISTEN to others but don’t lose your OWN VOICE.

While our ethical traditions know how to deal with homicide and even genocide these traditions collapse entirely when confronted with ecocide and biocide. Today we live in an ethically confusing and contradictory world, a world in which sentiment and brutality exist side by side. At the same time as modern thinkers seek to extend the circle of moral consideration to other animals, humanity inflicts more suffering on more creatures than at any time in history.

Is this really what we want to do to creation…to drive it to extinction? But extinction is irreversible. Species that go extinct are lost forever. This is not Jurassic Park – we can’t bring them back! Over the last century we’ve participated in something of a binge of unbelievable prosperity. We may have had some intuition that it was a binge and the earth couldn’t support it but aside from the easy things, biodegradable detergent or slightly smaller cars, we haven’t done very much. We haven’t turned our lives around.

How we’ve reached this nadir is just one theme explored in All Things Are Connected, a film that takes us back to our beginning and investigates how both religion and science have carelessly misinterpreted an ancient injunction to have dominion over creation, as a licence to dominate at any cost.

The making of the film therefore is an aesthetic response to the fact that we have soiled a great work of art and taken a hammer to the most perfectly proportioned of sculptures, and, it’s only us who can begin to put the pieces back together.

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~ Feelings Re-inspired ~
‘Facts are many, but the truth is one.”
-Rabindranath Tagore


A gorgeous video for the Starseed children… the children of Light.
This is the first part of a series being created…
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Enigma MMX (The Social Song)

~ Feelings Re-inspired ~
” Miracles start to happen when you start
to give as much energy to your
inner bliss and strength of dreams
as you do to your fears and impossibility…!!!”


I chuckled yesterday when someone commented on my video from Monday posted in a group that the opinion of one willing to waver like the waves of the sea was somehow suspect. The writer wrote, “I do not waver! Ever!” As we continue in this shift of the ages now taking place, it is more important than ever to be willing to change our mind. Folks, much of what we have been taught is simply incorrect; and this is a time of greater revealation. Letting go of old belief systems and points of view is more important now than ever before.