Chapter Three ; Get to Know the Law of Cause and Effect and Release Unhappiness
- A Message From Goddess Konohana-Sakuya-Hime -
1. Law of Cause and Effect
In this universe, there is the law of cause and effect. In this grand universe, there is no coincidence, and everything has its cause and the effect. It is not limited to human relations, but it is the law penetrating this ground universe. For that purpose, God gives us freewill. That is, that there exists a freedom that can be chosen by the freewill means that the responsibility of that result has to be taken by ourselves. Simply said, it is to reap what you have sown. If one made the cause of a bad thing, that which is produced from that bad cause has to be necessarily resolved by the one who has made the cause.
The earth is being polluted now. And people are hurting each other around the world, and they are going to make a war with nuclear weapons. But God does not say anything. It is because we humankind have the task to learn at the planet level of the earth. We are crew members of the spaceship of the earth boarding it together. The borders on the earth, like tattoos, are only the territorial instinct of humankind. The earth is really a beautiful planet given by God, having said, “Learn love here. Practice it. Live here happily.” In spite of that, humankind and killing each other, insisting on their own race and religion, and carelessly discharges a pollutant saying, it will be all right just as long as their own country does not mind.
Look at the figure of the earth. It is a sphere. There is a layer of air such as the stratosphere surrounding it plentifully. From looking from the space, there are various things such as the ozonosphere that guard the earth against like cosmic rays. But the fact that the planet earth exist in it means that the place where we are to learn self-responsibility is restricted in it. How is this going on when we are killing each other and making nuclear wars on the earth? The earth is rotating and the layer of air is moving around it. As an extreme example of cause and effect, it is a situation in which we have dropped a nuclear bomb in some place, and the polluted air from nuclear explosion is going around the sphere called the earth. As a result, all of humankind on the earth will be ruined. By doing that much, are you going to kill your own loving companions, your loving brothers? It is the place of such learning.
So, it means, conversely, that it is easy for God to save us. But he doesn’t turn his hand to it, he doesn’t say anything, and he is just watching us. But the time is coming to learn to love each other over and above issues related to race and religion, in the true sense, in our eternal life. It means it is the present earth. If it is so, what are we going to do? What are we going to take? It is the freewill. God never says us what to do, or force us to do anything. It means it can be chosen by you.

Note; “Konohana” means “flower of tree”. “Sakuya” means “blossoming”. “Hime” means “princess”.

Illustration ; Amarie