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illustration; Ascending Into Oneness

“Messages from the Space Union“ by Amarie,
“Chapter2 Elijah
With Space Angel – Februrary 4, 2006“

This Message is from Elijah the prophet in the Hebrew Bible(the Old Testament)

1. A New Age of Earth Has Come
Elijah: Greetings everyone, I am Elijah.

Today, I have come to contact you. First I will greet you, then I will explain how things are to be before receiving messages from our space friend.

On the turning point of Earth called the “shift up” of the Earth Spirit Group, the present situation is that we, the ones who are trying to guide the spiritual growth on Earth scale, are asking and approving the space friends who were from various planets of the Space Union, and we have been helping each other as our old friends since ever, in order to open people’s eyes on Earth, to flow a stream of Earth’s spiritual civilization into a new value, by blending the messages with the space friends.
Many people are still showing interests only in the messages from Universe so called ‘New Age’ for some sensational messages from UFO, while all these make the atmosphere of an age, looking for a new point of view, carrying all the spiritual stream, which has been taught as a Divine Truth until now from ancient times, to the highest, merging into a viewpoint of Universe, that is the dawn of a new age is coming to this Earth.

Until now, various things have been told independently, such as contacting to UFO, interests to Universe, Aquarius Age in spiritual stream, and spiritual channeling the spirits. And, the other are flows of Divine Truth through the various religions by such myths of gods since the ancient age. Those two have been told independently, and you have accepted them as specific information of distinct.

Those things being separated, now, are going to be brought together. Concerning with a concept of great God, energy of love aiming the grand harmony as energy of the source in Universe is called God. Within the flow of love of God, we, our space friends and us as children of God, all the phenomenon and creation, everything live and lived, not only people on Earth but all friends from every planet, plants, minerals, animals in those planets, all are children of God and expression of energy of God.

Within our existence, something new has been coming —– some new creation, being created resembling God, being created resembling His figure, possibility of ours, and the ability of ours, by the power of perception making it higher, a grand turning point of great spiritual civilization.

In deference to a true master, Adyashanti. True meditation asks nothing of you… no effort, no strain, all gain.

Beautiful woman and the magic light…
I wish you all love and beautiful moments…!

This is my son and Crystal child ♥♥♥
My inspiration in my life ♥♥♥
He loves making space ships, new one every day 🙂

Today it is the 5’ht day with this blog, it’s coming more and more hits every day, thank you to you all. I have been on Facebook since November since November 2009 to find out about my self and my ADHD diagnose that i got few years ago. I wanted to share the information with others and got many good friends who was helping me to the knowledge I have today about it. There is no such thing as ADHD i found out when someone gave me a tip about Indigo and crystal children.

That opend a new door and light into my life and I got even more good friends like you all that are visiting this blog these days. I found allot of conspiracy theories about what has happened to many of us, allot of new bad energy came back into my life when i see the whole picture.

Dont want to talk more about that issue now, I will keep on giving the light and energy that I am having these days and will keep on sharing this with you all.

Please keep on sharing this blog-page and my blogs that you find inspiring.
Then I will reach my vision on making a better world for all of us and our children

This is all for now, I will come with more messages for you in the future.
Thank you for your attention 🙂
♥ Love ♥ Light ♥ Peace ♥

“There is nothing that wastes the body like worry,
and one who has any faith in God should be ashamed to worry
about anything whatsoever.”
– Mohandas Gandhi


If you don´t know Emily Bear…well you should,
in a few words Emily is a pianist and composer of her own music, now she is 8 years but she has been playing since 2 by ear. Other incredible thing is that she composes each music in 5 or 10 min each. It´s amazing isn´t it!?

Emily Bear on Good Morning America – kinda choppy but thats just the format of GMA (LIVE)

Emily Bear – The Noble Awards (LIVE)

American Native Music New Age

Description: Deepak explores how life and the universe are creative in their essence. Having comfort in our own ambiguity, unpredictability, and uncertainty, a small amount of intent can give rise to a creative leap of imagination that fulfills your intention.* How can you let your creativity emerge? Is it possible to think of chaos and unpredictability as the creative force of the universe?

“No one in the world was ever you before,
with your particular gifts and abilities and possibilities.
It’s a shame to waste those by doing
what someone else has done.”
– Joseph Campbell


counting in 5 languages

world capitals