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Rise up. Time won’t wait any more.

The music will start after the short interview. This is a compilation of pictures and videos to recapture the spirit of the song.

11. Leave a Hope to the Prince of the Galaxy
There are many things to convey. About the other missing planet, or going to and coming back the other dimensional space like a Mebius band, or your brother planets, there might be numerous questions. However, you could know them by watching Akashic record. Leaving such knowledge and information aside, today I would like to convey to you what a big meaning and mission in Universe you have at this point if Earth, and how you are at the ultimate position.
In this civilization, as what you have known is extremely small, so what I can convey to you is limited so much. Because, in some other civilization of yours, there were considerable numbers of contacts with other planet people, you had known the much more knowledge about the cosmic space at that time. However, in the case of the present yours, it is restricted as regulations, you could not recognize it.
But, the reason why this Earth is called as “a Prince” and is said “precious”, because Earth have taken the mission and responsibility of the most largest target of the whole solar system, and given a sir name of “a Prince of the Galaxy” paying respect as a planet possessing a supreme and high ideal, which has last until today. As it is a planet of Prince, I have been guiding until today, dwelling my partner Selenity to the satellite Moon of this Earth.
What you are going to do now is not just a shift up of a solely planet, but it is a new challenge against the stagnation of the whole universe. Emit this point as a principle of hope, or principle of love, a principle of encouragement that this trial is to be succeeded, rather than not to be failed, to the stagnated senior planets of the whole universe. In order to make the results now and here, this challenge of Earth is there, the challenge of El-Ranty is there. Now, Earth is suffering terribly, spilling blood with a hard time. In a truly hard time, even though, he is leaving a hope to you to make his record of performance, to emit the idea of love to the whole universe. It has now reached the climax. The representatives of the 3 dimension are you. To that role you have been. Today, I have conveyed the message to you so that I would like you to know this point.

Illustration; Ascending into Oneness

admit it. I have no idea what I will do in court later today. Advice has been coming from all directions. The last two times I was in the court on this matter, I had a plan of what I would do. In neither case did I get to do it. The proceedings moved forward on the agenda of the court and did not allow my plans to get off the ground. Not that I have total freedom – no one does in this world – but I do know that preserving what freedom I have is of prime importance. Thank God for the wisdom of Galileo.

Do you ever wonder that there are other races in this universe besides us? I’m waiting for that day wear the govt. Can’t hide them anymore. They are coming…
-Aly Armstrong-

A guided meditation for purification through alchemy using the transmuting Violet flame.
The violet flame’s properties of transmutation are very purifying. When used in meditation the violet flame is a powerful tool of self-transformation. It can raise the frequency of your vibration and transform negative energy into positive. The violet flame releases negative emotions and opens energy blocks, raising conscious awareness and assisting spiritual growth.


Credit to Danny Wilten for his Orion/Caduceus Research you can find his