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Leuren Moret is an independent scientist and international expert on radiation and public health issues.

She produced evidence of the effects of nucleur radiation, chemtrails, haarp etc.. and how the depopulation program of Agenda 21 is currently progressing.

The aliens on Mars are gathering together and telling NASA to fuck off and go home :-))

Rainbow´s cover, Live Over Europe. (2008)

Just off the coast of Florida, 17 metres below the surface, lies Aquarius – the world’s only operating undersea laboratory. Scientists can live in Aquarius for up to two weeks, giving them plenty of time to study the coral reef community. But with budget struggles ahead, the US Congress may withdraw funding for the lab. Mark Schrope dived down to meet the researchers who are trying to save this iconic underwater base.

This is a video clip taken from the training sessions conducted by Guruji Krishnananda, where he speaks about all the gifts we have received from God

A charming piece by Axel Rudi Pell from the album “Kings & Queens”.

If a walrus can do sit-ups then anyone can! Maybe we should incorporate some of his moves into our Abs-Express class!

How would you describe life? What does awakening feel like? What is happening to us and our world? What are these growing pains we are experiencing? How can we describe a process of re-birthing? The answers are pretty useless as they just raise further questions so I made this video to help you make sense of your own journey in your own way as that is all that matters. We are not alone. We are one.